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4/11/12 10:35 A

Hi, Jess !

If you have extra candy that you don't want in the house, consider donating it to a food pantry. Regretfully, there are lots of children who didn't get visits from the Easter Bunny because of financial problems. If you want to get the candy out of the house AND do something good for someone else, take the left overs to a food pantry. Share your bounty with someone in need.

Otherwise, you can do what I do and feed the animals at work. LOL !!!

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4/11/12 8:52 A

Absolutely a start! Great job! emoticon

JESS15063 Posts: 144
4/11/12 8:48 A

Thats a great idea thanks! He actually never even asks for the candy. He is more of a salty snacker- pretzles, chips, ect. But even though I know he wont eat it all, I am having a hard time getting rid of it! I just threw away the bag of jelly beans that I have eaten half thats a start right?

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4/11/12 8:38 A

Hey Jess!
Holidays with kids, right?! Yikes! I don't have kids, but I have a husband who works a very physical job and eats probably 3500 calories a day to maintain himself. So yeah, I undersand the candy in the house problem!

For me, out of sight, out of mind. My hubby keeps all his treats in a storage ottoman in *his* rec room. I don't spend any time in there unless we're there together. Even though I'm home most days by myself, it's not an area that I will see. I know there are treats in there, but being in *his* rec room, makes them his treats, not mine, and I don't touch them.

I know putting Easter candy in your son's room is probably the last thing in the world you would ever want to do but maybe try something like this: ?

Ask him to choose 2 treats per day for the next 7 days. 14 total. Then throw out the rest. To the trash my dear! That way you know those 14 treats are for your son, not you. He gets 2 a day for a limited amount of time, which will teach him better eating habits as well.

Please let us know how it goes :)

JESS15063 Posts: 144
4/11/12 7:44 A

Ok so here's the deal... I have way too much easter candy in my house!! My 5 year old son got way too much candy from his grandparents this year and I have no self control! I am able to stay away from it during the day, but after dinner, I splurge! Last night I had 6 pieces of mini chocolate bars and a ton of jelly beans! I am so mad at myself! Any advice on how to avoid this yummy candy?

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