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6/13/12 12:11 P

Hi Dawndmoore40 emoticon ,
I thought I'd jump on here and tell you about a book that I found out about during my time at Focus on the Family. It's called "Beloved Unbeliever: Loving Your Husband into the Faith", you can check it out here; I hope this helps. I know how important it is for a Christian to have their spouse be in that same place. Hugs and blessings to you!

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6/12/12 3:49 P

You are right, it is not mandatory to believe in God to be a good person. But it is mandatory to believe in God, to be saved. So while I respect non-believers personal choice to not believe in God, I hope they understand that telling a Christian that they don't have to believe in God to be good is not comforting or wise. Non-believers should also respect the rights and feelings of believers and not belittle a Christian's concern.

And YES, to a Christian the lack of belief in God it definitely a bad thing.

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6/12/12 2:47 P

You take your husband's new lack of belief as a bad thing, but is it really? Is he happy to be who he is and does he treat you well? Does he still have that core personality you were first attracted to? If so, then celebrate the wonderful man you married. A belief in God is not mandatory to be a good person.

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6/11/12 5:51 P

Religious and spiritual beliefs are something that are usually deeply personal and routed in something. I grew up in a household with my mother not believing in organized religion. She made sure to teach my brother and I about different religions and always encouraged us to attend religious services with our friends. When I was a teenager I was saved and baptized in a Baptist church. I left that church after several members of the church told me my sister didn't count in an attendance competition with another church because she didn't choose to be there. My sister is severely multiply impaired and maintains about the level of a toddler. They counted the infants and toddlers. Just not my sister. I've attempted to attend lots of other organized christian religious services, of different denominations, and have found the same reception for my sister in each of them. No one wanted her there. That really shook my faith and I lost it for many years.
Now when people want to preach AT me (and that's what I consider it since they don't stop even when I ask them to, it's not a discussion, it's them attempting to push their beliefs on me) I walk away. Just because I'm not a member of some organized religion and don't follow the conservative path they want me to doesn't mean that I don't believe anymore. It means that I have given lots of time and thought to what my beliefs are, including modern advances. The savior I believe in would NEVER turn someone away or discount them the way supposed christians have done to my sister and in turn, me. Give your husband time, When people have to hear something constantly, they tune it out and sometimes do things just to be oppositional to what they're forced to listen to.
I know someone mentioned the "educated people" who aren't curing cancer or stopping the violence, but they are. Everyday, someone allows scientists to make discoveries. How do we know that a higher power isn't behind those discoveries? I know a lot of very well educated and progressive people who have very strong religious or spiritual beliefs and they incorporate those into their daily lives. A Hindi psychiatrist who encouraged her patients to find peace in a spiritual or religious way in addition to the modern aids she could provide. Or the christian doctor who taught patients ways to include religion into their healthcare.
Each person has to decide what is right for them, and sometimes that changes are due to experiences, education, or maybe just a change of opinion.
I think my long winded post above really just boils down to a simple fact - religion and spirituality are very personal and are shaped by what happens in their life. If a person chooses to change their beliefs then they were ready to make a change. No one forced it on them, and no one can force them to change back. If God really loves everyone, then he doesn't mind that people don't attend church every Sunday.

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6/7/12 10:45 P

Hi there! I just wanted to say that you are doing all the right things and never give up on your husband!

My husband and I married 14 years ago. He is a Christian and was raised this his foundation is very strong. I was raised in a home that didn't practice any religion at all...we didn't read Bibles and didn't know who Jesus was. My grandfather (my mother's father) was an atheist. Even though my mother didn't bring that into the family....we just didn't talk about religion.

When I married my husband...I knew that he was a Christian and his family was as well. I was worried that they would pressure me into becoming a Christian because they always spoke to me about Jesus and the Bible. To was confusing because I didn't know that they were teaching me about Jesus and not trying to push religion on me.

After a while, I became frustrated and decided not to really worry about them or what they thought of me...I really thought they were attacking me but they were trying to help me (I can see that now).

I am so glad that my husband never gave up on me. He gave me my space and allowed to me to find Jesus on my own. Yes, he prayed for me and taught me the word as well as scriptures, even if I didn't want to hear it. We went through many arguments but it was because I didn't understand what he was telling me! I was lost and how can one love someone they don't now?

Long story short....I was saved three years ago...on my my job...when I finally understood and stopped and listened to what Jesus was telling me! The best part was I wasn't at the lowest point in my just happened! It was the greatest moment of my life and now, three years later...I have a strong foundation and am learning so much....I want to learn! My mother was saved before she passed away last year and my father became saved a few months ago. My whole family has changed because my husband continues to pray and never gave up hope!

Your husband will come around when the time is right. Just stand by him and keep him in prayer!

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6/7/12 12:17 A

praying for you and your husband.

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6/4/12 11:03 A

"I witness to him often even though he doesn't want to hear it! I"

God has to do the work in a person, not you.
Pray for him, but do not continue to nag (which is how constant witnessing is perceived by non-believers).

You planted the seed; let the Holy Spirit grow in him.

6/4/12 12:13 A

I know it is hard but I admire your perseverence a woman in my church prayed for her father for 10 years before he found salvation. Never stop praying it is the best "weapon" we have!

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6/3/12 6:33 P

OK, I get it. Sadly, that is the fate of so many folks. They trust some "educated" writer above the unexplained miracles of the universe. This happens so much in college when good parents send their kids to learn things and misguided professors think it is their duty to take their faith in God away, because they don't believe in him. This is what Godly people have to fight against on a continuous battle. We can only pray that lost folks can find their way and someday truly enjoy the enlightenment of true faith in God.

Too bad these "educated" folks don't cure cancer, stop violence, find an abundant, renewable and easily harnessed source of energy, instead of constantly try to take other people's faith in God away. Heck, I'd be happy if these "educated" folks would just do a better job of teaching their students math and english. ;-)

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6/3/12 5:44 P

emoticon Jdomb! Thanks for responding! The reason I say he used to believe is because he said through out the years he has done some reading and observing and he just decided he doesn't know what to to believe. All I know is I won't give up! I have been witnessing to him for five years now! I know God is still in the business of doing miracles! emoticon

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6/3/12 2:53 P

Faith is a difficult thing, especially in this worldly setting. We all have to come to it in our own time. This doesn't mean to give up on trying to help others find God, it just means don't get frustrated when they are resistant. You said he "used to believe in Christ". The question is, why does he now NOT believe in Christ? I pray he will reopen his heart and bring Christ back in. God bless and watch over you.

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6/3/12 12:27 P

emoticon I get so confused at times because I have always had a strong religious upbringing, but I have always ended up relationships where my significant other, or in this case my spouse does not believe anymore! I witness to him often even though he doesn't want to hear it! I believe if my Father can be saved 5 months before he died, then we must never give up home! This nation could turn back to God at anytime! I pray this every day! Amen! emoticon

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