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1/28/12 1:22 P

MIL is at it again ! She is now calling all of Nic's freinds , asking if we set the date ..Nic has not told her, because of her crazy behavior . She wants to break us up, and in Paris, you have to make a public post , 10 days before you can get married, in case anyone objects .. that is why she is wanting the date.. our post goes up this monday.. emoticon

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
11/22/11 1:39 P

I wouldn't want someone there who isn't supportive of my marriage, regardless of whether they're related or not. It's Their loss and Their problem, not yours.

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11/18/11 10:52 A

ty for the support, i am sad that she is not letting this "radio issue " go... Nic is an only child, but i will not beg her , i want to be head ache free that day, i will be stressed already emoticon

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,566
11/15/11 6:04 P

If my MIL hated me and didn't want to come to the wedding. I wouldn't want her to be there either.

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
11/15/11 9:00 A

My mil never came to my wedding. She told so many lies, it's not even funny. She told my husband she could give a rat's arse about the wedding. She told me the same thing AND she very much wants to come to the wdding, but I was apparently to young to get married (I was 28), I don't know what I am getting myself into, she very much wants us to get married, but I'm marrying the wrong guy, etc. Complete BS. The thing is, if you feel that way know, great, you should be happy that day, it's about you and what will make you happy that day.

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11/15/11 7:40 A

Nic just told me, she does not want to come to our small wedding, she still hates me & i feel the same about her. My insult for week 7 - MIL told Nic that "

he should go back to old gf - because she would be better for Nic. ( gf left Nic for another man and married him, but her husband wants a divorce, and gf wanted to come back to Nic, Nic said no)

QU ; i have no problem with this decision, would you feel the same ?

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