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8/25/12 2:59 P

Enjoy the time you're given, be the best Mom you can be! ...and always remember, Patience is a gift that never runs out. Simply take a deep breath, pray for more, and it'll be provided.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,050
8/23/12 5:24 P

How wonderful that he went to camp for six weeks. I love that. My oldest son after his junior year of high school went to the Naval Academy at Annapolis for a week of their camp, but he decided not to go there for college. His Dad was in the Navy for 23 yrs and he didn't want to be in the Navy.

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8/20/12 3:04 P

Well a beautiful weekend gone by again, with beautiful weather! My eldest son,Jacob, who is 15 got home Saturday around suppertime, he had been gone for 6 weeks to a marksmanship cadet camp in Ontario. He was invited back next year, then to England the following one, if all goes well, we are all so proud of him!! My middle son Kolin(13), has another soccer final on Tuesday, and only two more nights this week of coaching my 5 year olds soccer team, Wooo Hooo! I love the kids, but this summer has been horribly humid, and with the humidity, comes 8 little 5&6 year olds, hot, tired and cranky. Its been a good season though, and lots of fun. Tomorrow I am off to start a Couch to 5K in our little city of Summerside. Wish me lots of luck, cause I'll need it !!!

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