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KMAYRES Posts: 32
1/14/11 5:14 P

One way I try to get my picky eaters involved is I buy a new food and we try it on the weekend. We had a great time with coconut. It is high in calories, but it is a natural, sweet treat. Most of the fun was in the experience of getting it open and sharing it with their classmates.

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1/14/11 3:31 P

Please read my blog, it is so hard with an overweight daughter. She has told me that it is my fault she is big because I yell at her when she eats, she hides empty wrappers in the couch, the list goes on. I have decided to lead by example and concentrate on my own weight loss journey and maybe when she is ready, she will join me. Mine is 15, though, when she was 8, it was easier and she did not fight me as much. Hang in there, keep setting a good example.

ASHLEE624 SparkPoints: (35,608)
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1/10/11 9:31 P

I definitely think kids need to be educated about why. She may resent you for it now, but in the long run, she'll thank you for trying to teach her limits. I wish my parents would have done that for me!

1/10/11 7:11 P

I agree there are going to be tons of times where I am the bad guy and I am used to it that is for sure.

1/10/11 5:05 P

my kids have "hated" me for making them go to the dentist, making them do chores around the house, refusing to let them stay out past their curfew...and the list is practically endless. part of being a good parent is being ok with being the bad guy sometimes. you're setting boundaries with her about healthy eating. it's the right thing to do - even if it makes you unpopular for a little while.

1/10/11 4:26 P

Yeah I totally understand where you are coming from, my mom did pretty good with me when I was younger but then with other issue's I ended up turning to food. So I totally agree with the passing days she has learned to just eat whatever we make because she is very hungry. But she has lost some weight even this last week and she went back to school. So she will be a little busy.

PRESHA811 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/10/11 1:19 P

I hope you stick to it because she may hate you today, but she will love you for this later on. I wish my parents had done something earlier on in my life instead of trying when I was a teenager and "so far gone."

1/10/11 11:54 A

O yeah I totally agree with you that is why Kaitlyn went to my nutrition appointment with me so that way she could hear the lady talk about how important it is that we get our eating under control. She was just as excited and she knew when we walked into the store that we were only getting things on mommies special list. She just thought that she could scream and kick her way into a bag of chips. Thanks for the impute though I would have totally been angry too if I were little and my mom didn't discuss everything with me. But then even if she did do that and I did get made well she told me that I was the kid and she was the adult and she made the choices in the house. Throwing a fit usually worked for her though. HaHa Have a great monday.

SUPERSYLPH Posts: 1,302
1/10/11 7:34 A

She was probably most upset that this wasn't talked about to her first. I know that if one of my parents went grocery shopping and brought back nothing I usually ate, I'd be angry. If it was talked out that those things are bad for me and I should probably look into alternatives or limits, I'd feel much better, even happy that my parents care about my well being.

1/9/11 10:20 P

Kaitlyn really likes that she can have the whole 100 calorie thing because she knows that she can have it as a snack, but she is going back to school tomorrow so she will be eating what the school gives her but then at the same time she will be doing more activities during the day. It is a good idea, you have a been a great example to me and you know it is never to late. What makes it easier for her is that we are all doing it to so she knows that she is not on a diet but that she is just eating what we are all eating. And before we started this diet we told her all the time that she has to eat what we eat we just make her eat more vegies now with lunch and stuff. I know that you can do it though and it all starts with you being an example to her and when she sees that you are doing it and feeling better she will follow you don't second guess that either.

JENMEG Posts: 709
1/9/11 9:23 P

my daughter is the same way. She is 12 and weighs 250 breaths hard all the time and i know this is all my fault if i would have just told her no then she wouldnt be like that. I try now to tell her and i dont want to make it a big deal but im scared for her. I like the 100 calorie pack idea because she does like the sweets. i will have to try that.

1/8/11 9:29 P

Yeah no kidding our family doesn't have the healthiest family history but all the women on my dad's side have been known for when they get older loosing weight I guess they just got tired of it, I was not as big as them but hey over 200 lbs is pretty big for most people. She just told me right now that our dinner smelled so good and I got her these 100 cal snack packs to have like a desert after dinner for her so she doesn't really feel like she is missing out on anything.

TIAD21 Posts: 545
1/8/11 6:31 P

Good job mom! It is never easy to set limits when it makes our kids unhappy, but it is sooooo worth it in the long run! My daughter is older (16) and does not have a weight problem, but it is still a challenge to get her to eat healthy. I know she'll thank me when she hits 50 without diabetes or high cholesterol emoticon

1/8/11 2:37 P

That is very awesome, and good family tips it is funny because even though I don't stress out to her about her weight she loves to do what I do, and well since she likes to weigh herself when I do I can tell when she is gaining or not. And she will ask me how much she weighs, or if she did good and I always tell her yeah you did good you are still the same size. Which is good for sure, it is good to hold your weight I figure if I can teach her that then she will have won the battle pretty early because we can all loose but it is the holding that a lot of us have a problem with. I know for anyway that was true. I was so proud of my daughter she woke up this morning and fixed herself breakfast and it was a healthy one, and she fixed me breakfast and it was a healthy one, and she made coffee. Just so impressed she has finally stopped fighting me on what she is eating. I feel that I am really just setting a good example and she is following, not that I am winning a battle.

MISSDREE21 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/6/11 9:51 P

I am kind of doing the same thing, but I found out my son is just as likely to snack on an apple as he is on chips. He is the "chip monster" in this house. I do not forbid him foods though. I feel that may be one of the reasons I began abusing food. He has never been much of a candy fiend, but he does love potato chips. One thing that has inspired him to be active is getting Wii Fit. He loves it and it really helps since outside time is limited due to winter and it getting dark so early.

BEANTOWN18974 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/6/11 7:26 P

I just try to tell my kids they can't have those things because they aren't healthy for ANYBODY! I never bring up weight with the kids because they are already so bombarded with it but my daughter is 11 so she brings it up to me sometimes. I just remind her that everyone's body is unique to themselves and it isn't about how much you weigh, it's about eating healthy foods and exercising so you can be the best YOU you can be.
Just my opinion...

1/6/11 6:48 P

Thanks everyone we got through it and she ate dinner like a champ, I think it is helping because well I am doing it and when she sees me doing it she figures that it must be fair. My husband is the one giving me attitude today but you know I am doing this for myself and our daughter if he would like to join us he can if not then he doesn't have to.

FROGFACE84 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/6/11 4:34 P

Please stay strong. When she becomes a parent she will thank you for caring about her so much. Remind her that putting good food in your body is like telling your body that you love it. I will be thinking about you and her today

JPRICEJR Posts: 28
1/6/11 8:56 A

You are the parent, you do the shopping so they get what you bring home. She'll adjust. However, there is also a way you could "wean" her from chips and pop. For instance, buy a bag of baked chips (whole grain if you can find them) and try some carbonated water. I have been able to find some good snack items for my kids made with whole grains, you just have to look. That's not to say I don't prefer my kids eat fruit (which they do), but sometimes you just want a munchy.

FITFOODIE806 Posts: 2,523
1/5/11 10:55 P

She'll get over it. Kids are resilient. You are the mom and need to make good choices for the whole family. Stick with your healthy grocery shopping. She may be mad now, but soon it will be normal and she will learn the right lifestyle.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (201,904)
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1/5/11 9:42 P

Did you explain to her WHY you didn't get her any junk food?

1/5/11 7:52 P

Well Today is one of the hardest days for my daughter and for me. I began my weight loss journey again and well I decided that she was going to go with me on it, she is 8 years old and she is 90 plus lbs. Not to big but on her way there. She is very active and everything but she just eats to much. But because i went grocery shopping and didn't get her any soda or I didn't let her get any chips she was very upset with me. I just never realized how far it went or how obsessed with food she already was till I started telling her that she couldn't have it when she wanted it. Help

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