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JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,009
3/27/12 2:00 P

Don't quit. That is all that matters.

W8FALNOFF Posts: 8,531
3/27/12 9:36 A

Wow, been a week since I have had time to post here!
So glad the youth mission is over, I can relax now until next year, what alot of work to put together such a large event..
Well back on track with exercise, getting ready to head out to the gym here in a few minutes,
so I will just start today as day 1 and post again everyday!
I don't have anything really big that should knock me for a loop, so time to get those plans made back out and focus on getting things done that I put in that plan.
Off to the gym!

W8FALNOFF Posts: 8,531
3/18/12 6:28 P

Sunday~~March 18th

Today started out really good, went to church, heard an awesome sermon on Grace..but when I got home my gosh I thought I could not stop eating.
I had 2 slices of Irish soda bread, a handful of chips, and a few honey mustard pretzels..all because I was waiting on husband to finish up what he was doing so we go to the fair.
At the fair, I had a funnel cake, but that was planned, I wait all year for that funnel cake, the stand we go to is there every year and it is the place we ever see this stand and she has the best I have ever had, shared it with Jerry, then he wanted fair fries, I had about 5 of them, but then for dinner we went to LJS..the day is over, thank goodness. glad the fair is only once a year.

I am doing the Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge, and I need to list reasons why I want to tame them..
I am borderline diabetic and I need to watch the amount of sweets that I eat, or I will be headed to being a diabetic, and as of now I do pretty good at keeping my blood sugar levels in check.
I want to lose weight, and sweets are not the way to do it, so I will have to work harder on my self control and find other ways at work (which is where I have a tendency to hit the chocolate drawers in the other department) when things are slow and I am bored.
I just want to fill my body with the heathier choices of sweets that are out there, fruits, some veggies are sweet such as cooked carrots!

So I will be logging here each day what I have had sweet wise, how I was feeling before I grabbed it and how I felt afterwards, hope to find some kind of pattern to it.

can't wait till tomorrow, I am ready for another workout, I miss them on the weekends!

Day 1~~March 16th.
30 minutes on treadmill
20 minutes of strength
Exercise of the day~~Seated Hip Abduction Machine

Day 2 and 3~~March 17th and 18th
My day off today

FIREBUG32 SparkPoints: (19,611)
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3/17/12 4:52 P

your off to a great start! .4 is .4 gone.. yeah!
Have a great week.. Diane

W8FALNOFF Posts: 8,531
3/17/12 4:07 P

Saturday~~March 17th (Happy St. Patrick's Day)

Well went and weighed in this morning, I lost .4 this week, actually better than I had thought..believe it or not.
I have been struggling with the point system, how to use the activity points, do or I or don't I.
I talked with Kim (leader) this morning and she told me to eat a small amount of protien after my workouts to see how that helps me with the scale next week.
Other than that, a pretty good day.
I went to the Farmers market and got lots of the local fresh veggies and fruits, already have them cleaned up, cut and put in the fridge, makes it easier to grab for a snack if all the work is already done.

Day 1~~March 16th.
30 minutes on treadmill
20 minutes of strength
Exercise of the day~~Seated Hip Abduction Machine

Day 2~~March 17th
My day off today

W8FALNOFF Posts: 8,531
3/16/12 2:10 P

Friday~~March 16th

Today has been a great day so far, I went and worked out about 10 am this morning, got in 30 minutes on the treadmill and then did 2 circuts through the weight machines I use.
I have to bypass the ones for the triceps and biceps, I can't adjust them for the length of my arms and I don't feel like I get any benefit from them, so I just move over to the free weights and do 2 sets for those muscles there.

I have also completed the Exercise of the all in all, my workout has been good.

We then went out for lunch, Chili's and I opted for the grilled Lime and Garlic shrimp, with steamed broccoli and a little bit of rice, as well as a side salad.

I weigh in tomorrow, but I think I might have just maintained this week, which for all the workouts I did this week is fine with me.
I am going to change those up a bit though, I usually do 30 minutes of cardio and then weights each time...I think I might be over doing the weights, I so I will do 20 minutes on the bike and 20 on the treadmill on days I don't do weights, get a bit more cardio in.
I will wait and see what the scale says tomorrow before making that decision.

Day 1~~March 16th.
30 minutes on treadmill
20 minutes of strength
Exercise of the day~~Seated Hip Abduction Machine

W8FALNOFF Posts: 8,531
3/16/12 9:08 A

Figured I need someplace to put all this information.
I am doing Weight Watchers, so my weight will be posted and updated on Saturdays.
I am going to use this Diary to post my workouts, how I feel on given days, what I am learning, what I feel I might need help with.
In other words my Accomplishments and my Struggles.

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