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7/30/12 3:09 P

I found that I can keep up with a routine for about 3 weeks then I get bored with it and start just going through the motions. By changing it up, I stay more motivated. Then some days I just am not feeling it, and I have to visualize my self having to completely starting over from scratch again with no momentum, and that generally gets me moving.

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7/30/12 10:03 A

You could also try changing what you're doing for your workout. Not as in adding something, but replacing it. So, if insanity isn't doing it anymore, find something else! If you do the same thing all the time, your body will get used to it and will no longer be as challenged. If you switch to a different workout of similar intensity, you may find your interest might revive.

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7/30/12 8:45 A

Sounds like you've gone at this all-or-nothing. Problem is, if you are REALLY making a LIFE-STYLE change, you can't maintain that momentum; no one can. If you tend toward obsessive intensity at the beginning of new things, you know how hard it is to ease off and still keep doing good levels of whatever it is. You want something you will continue on into the rest of your whole long, lovely life.

I suggest you make 3 plans: One long-term. How do you REALLY see your journey in a year. You know yourself, how long an enthusiasm lasts, what is likely to de-rail it--consider all that.
One middle-term. How do you see this working out in mid-winter? when it's dark, cold, yucky weather out and your passion for exercise went south with the sun.
One short-term. What, REALISTICALLY, is a healthy, sustainable amount of exercise for each day this week. Try sticking to that PLAN with the same determination you are bringing to the whole program, and remember the tortoise and the hare--who won the race?

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7/29/12 6:16 P

So when I started to lose weight I was so movitated, people were amazed at my determination. But now all I do is think about working out all the time and for some reason I just don't feel like doing it... something is stopping me. I do workout once a day, i'm currently doing the insanity workout program, but I just dont think it's enough, so I want to do more. Hence why I think about working out all the time, but I just can't do it. It's weird I know... any advice or ideas on what I could do?

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