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Mine didn't come all the way out, but I had it for about 4 months when I had to go to the doctor because I had been having a period for a month straight and felt like my back was breaking. When I went in, my IUD was starting to come out and I was so sick of all the pain that I had the doctor remove it. I didn't have all the bleeding that you do, but it might be normal if your body didn't go threw that process after you had your baby. Typically if the clots are smaller than a quarter, doctors don't really worry about them. After my first baby I had clots for a long time after. I think it was about a year that I had them and they were smaller than a quarter. Hopefully this is somewhat helpful.

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Anyone experience this?
Had mirena fitted in january this year due to heavy periods caused by firboids!
Calmed by periods down but it was one permanent light period so went back to gynae and they have got me down for removal of coil and an ablation on 24th sept.

Anyway just last week started to bleed quite heavy and could feel my coil strings hanging out of me. Went to the toilet and it was like a blood bath with half my insides. Loads of huge clots plus the coil was also inside one of the clots. It was really scary. Panicked and rung docs. They seemed very unconcerned and ordered bloody test (which came back normal) and have prescribed transexamic acid. 3 days later was still bleeding very heavy having accidents on the floor,couldnt leave the house so contacted them again. They have now prescribed northeristone. I hate taking tablets to stop bleeding it doesnt seem natural. Also i dont know if this is a period or something different.

Tried to bring the ablation forward but they cant unless a cancellation comes up.

I have emailed consultants secretary to ask him some questions.

Just want reassurance. There wasnt even this much blood when i gave birth and the clots freak me out.

Anyone elses experiences will be interesting.

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