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9/23/12 9:05 A

Thank you everyone for the advice.
I agree. To a certain extent it is mind over matter and I guess I just have to get into my head that looking at the scales and having lost weight feels SO much better the bag of chips.
I like the freezing/portion size idea as well. Going to try to put naughty foods into 100 calorie packets to see if this will work.
But apart from that - yes, if I dont have it in the house, I dont eat it. So I will just have to avoid those isles in the supermarket!

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9/21/12 12:24 A

I agree with this statement. I do not have people over. Even if I did...I would not buy anything too junky. My body does not crave it that much any more

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9/20/12 10:37 P

mind over matter!

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9/20/12 9:55 P

Oh yes. I've had internal wars with myself in the grocery store. I'm glad I'm not yet to the point where I speak aloud to myself in public...

First, I've stopped taking my cart down the baking aisle. No point in tempting myself.
Second, I can't have treats in my house. If I want something decadent - and there are these chocolate muffins at this local grocery store that are DA BOMB - I tell myself I have to walk there to get it. So by the time I'm walking and feeling the extra weight on my bod, I've decided I sure don't need to buy that muffin.
Third, I just have to shut up the inner fat chick. I have to be real and say, "You know if you buy this that you're going to binge on it. Put it back." And I usually do. Remember this statement that you may have read, "Nothing tastes as good as fit feels."

Donate the baking ingredients to a food pantry. If you have guests you'll probably know a little bit before hand so you don't need to have it around - and that will give you a reason to go out to dinner/dessert. :-)

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9/20/12 7:27 P

I agree with what has been said. We ALL play mind tricks. What you MIGHT want to do is play some right back. For instance, PLAN, PREPARE, and OUTSMART your weak spots, your temptations, your triggers.

What I am talking about is planning frequent HEALTHY snacks and treats. Prepare HEALTHY foods in advance and or package in single serving sized packages. Outsmart you cravings, binges, mindless eating, by PLANNING to have some of those treats, PLANNING to enjoy whatever by making HEALTHY foods and snacks so much MORE available, convenient, and attractive than the "not so healthy" alternatives. You mention buying when things are on sale - just so you will have them. That makes SOME sense, BUT in addition to BUYING them, you THEN have to STORE them in an INCONVENIENT place (like the freezer - chocolate in the freezer is a GREAT example of doing this). Then you need to have things you LIKE/LOVE that are HEALTHY for you to eat and have them easy to grab, easy to choose a HEALTHY portion size, easier and more convenient to CHOOSE than the UNHEALTHY alternatives.

I have HEALTHY packs of nuts, fiber bars, raisins, etc. in LOTS of convenient places - my purse, my car, my desk, my gym bag, etc. It is simply EASIER and CHEAPER to eat those than to go out and BUY or grab something less healthy. I also have miniature candy bars (in case it is a CHOCOLATE emergency), tortilla chips (lower calories, higher fiber, and less salt than chips - in case it is a chip emergency), fruit, veggies in a container filled with water in the fridge, etc.

Use the same techniques that have defeated you in the past to OUTSMART the WHOOOPSIE eating moments.

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9/20/12 8:11 A

I buy 'Funsize' versions of chocolate bars and I freeze them. Means I cant eat it in one bite!

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9/20/12 8:02 A


I do stock dark chocolate and love enjoying a square at a time. If you are going to have it be a trigger food than just do not buy it.
If you do not want to eat empty calories and junk food why would you want to give it to your visitors?

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9/20/12 7:13 A

maybe it's because I don't often have visitors, that I don't buy chips & candy for them.

My hubby, however, was buying them for himself, and I played the mind game that they were "his" and off limits to me (perhaps the same could be done for "visitors"?)

Now, he's decided to give up consuming so many of those, too, and has chosen to focus on healthier options, mainly

9/20/12 4:08 A

Are anyone else being fooled by their own thoughts.
For example - If I see chips or chocolate on sale in the supermarket I think - "Im not going to eat it, but I should get some while they are cheap - just in case I get visitors or for a party"...
Of course once the stuff is in my cuppord I have to eat it. Because then I cant focus knowing its there.
WOW. Its scary!
How do you stop your mind playing those tricks.

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