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9/3/12 9:11 A

agreed and to add...we should get very in tuned with our own bodies so that we can work as a team with our doctors.

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9/2/12 2:32 P

I totally agree with MrsBailey. And whether one goes with a medical doctor or with homiopathic, it sometimes takes a bit of trial and error. There is no one size fits all or one magic pill out there. While as humans, most of us work the same way, there are way too many complex reasons for things not to work the same way with one person to the next.

I'm always telling folks how well Glucosimine worked for me on my joints, but I am quite sure that many folks have tried it and for whatever reason, it didn't work for them. It is what it is.

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8/30/12 6:30 P

i think physically a steady routine may be a good start. eradicate all stressors as much as you possibly can, and surround yourself with things you truly enjoy, that are calming yet enjoyable. i also recommend getting yourself together spiritually, as it is directly tied to you physically in my experience. im Christian and can tell you more about my personal beliefs if you'd like somewhere to start.

vitamins, herbs, supplements and aromatherapy may help. the issue i've found with them a well as herbs and supplements have to find the ones that work for YOU. this can take months or trial and error. for me, i find that citrus scents, lavendar, rosemary and other flower smells (gardenia, roses) REALLY stimulate me positively and help me feel connected to my home, family and to my spirituality. i dont really take herbs as i find those dont do much for me. iron supplements help me out alot so i take prenatal vitamins.

hopefully this will trigger some ideas that can help you. i definitely suggest music, aromatherapy and calming environment to start!

8/16/12 8:40 A

exercise actually will help with many physical ailments. check with your doc before you start and start slow (walking/swimming). you should start to notice differences pretty quickly

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8/15/12 10:11 P

Thanks, but I'm good psychologically. I need help with the physical part now.

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8/15/12 10:06 P

Vitamins probably won't help your situation... but therapy definitely will.

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8/15/12 9:49 P

I was a very abused child. I've dealt with it (really emoticon ), but one of the lasting effects is that my central nervous system kind of gave up. You can only fight or flight so many times before the whole thing just decides life is stress and throws in the towel. On the good side of things, I have very low blood pressure, low resting pulse rate and rarely get significantly stressed. But as I put my health back together, I find that the connection between brain and body is very tenuous. Has anybody else experienced this separation? Do you have solutions? Vitamins? Something to kind of draw those connection again?

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