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2/20/12 11:24 A


LADYJAJA Posts: 547
2/19/12 1:55 P

Yes, those chips are mighty tempting....and our favorite Mexican place has the BEST salsa (but then salsa isn't too bad nutrionally speaking). I did have a few chips with some of the salsa. Since joining SP last week I felt so much more empowered and aware and that is a powerful first step for me!

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2/19/12 9:52 A

Mexicn food is my favorite. I try to eat the right kind of food but those chips and dips get me the most.

LADYJAJA Posts: 547
2/16/12 12:01 P

I didn't do too bad on our Mexican lunch date. Went in thinking that I'd be careful and aware, but enjoy it too. My daily caloric intake went over by about 300 calories, but I have to say that learning about what things mean as far as nutrition as well as calories is fun. Since I've never tracked my consumption before, this is exciting for me, and I'm anxious to learn. The Mexican restaurant can be a dangerous place, but I'm kind of proud of myself for doing as well as I did on my first challenge!

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2/16/12 11:25 A

My favorite meal. I have cut down on it though because I always eat the fat food. I try to eat Mexican salads. That helps a bit

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2/15/12 1:27 P

being one who doesnt like spicy food I'm not sure what there is in mexican restaurants!!! How about ONE taco in a soft (not fried) shell, ask for HALF the meat and a small sprinkle of cheese but LOTS of lettuce and tomatos? or a bean cheese. i do make refried NONFAT beans on one soft tortilla with some lowfat cheese, and some diced tomatos, and then i cook it in the microwave till the cheese melts.
Soup? is there soup thats mainly veggie no cheese or meat? that might work.
And i would forgo the beer or have ONE and ask for a glass not a mug.

LADYJAJA Posts: 547
2/15/12 11:47 A

I love the site and am so motivated! BUT! My first big challenge comes today when my husband takes me out for his favorite lunch, Mexican. All that cheese, not mention the beer we usually treat ourselves to (I usually have two mugs). I'm going to exercise after posting, then try to imagine eating healthy at lunch. Does anyone have any good ideas for substituting my favorite fat laden faves with healthier choices?

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