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3/5/12 6:03 P

This is what caused me to change mentally:

In the middle of May 2011 I used the Nutrition Tracker for the first time (at the suggestion of a Sparkpeople Bootcamp Challenge). I had every intention of using it only for a day or so because I thought it was silly and time consuming. Long story short, I have been addicted to it ever since that fateful day in May. It is definitely not silly and not time consuming (after you get the hang of it)!

Although you may use Sparkpeople's menu selections, I never have done so. With the food I have available, I make sure my daily totals do not exceed the bottom line ranges set by Sparkpeople at the bottom of the Tracker. Of course I have strayed a day here and a day there, but generally I seldom exceed those number ranges for calories, carbs, fat, and protein.

The results have been spectacular. You, too, can have jaw dropping success by making sure you consistently stay within your number ranges. Guaranteed.

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3/4/12 8:28 P

Confidence - in myself and this program

Courage - that change won't be impossible and that I won't get hurt


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3/4/12 3:55 P

Embracing all things that brings me results. emoticon I now value my body and my health. Awesome Health is truly wealth.

3/2/12 12:42 A

In order to achieve your goals, what mental changes have you made?

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