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9/30/12 1:22 P

I've always used the 2oz dry, and then just eat whatever it comes out as cooked. If you think about it, all pasta, while made from the same ingredients, will come out to different sizes after cooking. Like, 2oz of cooked penne will be a different "amount" than 2oz of cooked ditalini.

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9/29/12 8:03 P

This is killing me as well!!! I measured out 2oz but it was so much after it cooked! I still ate it, but I'm hoping that it is still my 2oz serving that is counted! It is so confusing!! How did you gals end up calculating your calories?

PAMMY520 Posts: 300
5/8/12 8:46 A

I wondered that same question so I cooked 2 oz. dry pasta then weighed the cooked pasta on my food scale and it came out to 6 oz. cooked

2 oz. dry = 6 oz. cooked

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5/3/12 6:57 A

Agree on the 2 oz being dry. Also, on some brands there is a circle on the box so you can measure the 2 oz by circumference ( spaghetti only)

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4/27/12 5:43 P

If you're in the USA, federal law states that nutrition information must be given for the food in its packaged state, so that would be dry.

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4/27/12 5:02 P

On my boxes of pasta it says 2 oz dry is a serving so I measure out that much, then cook. It sure doesn't look like alot when it's dry but i usually find after cooking it, it looks like alot!

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4/27/12 12:33 P

I really enjoy my pasta, but when I look at the box to check the calories it says 2oz is 180 calories....Do I measure out 2 oz Dry and that is what I can eat for 180 calories or do I measure out 2oz after cooked? Can someone please advise???

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