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11/24/12 3:31 P

i agree with really utilizing the crockpot for stews and a good option is a big pot of chili. i make a chili that has pinto, kidney, and black beans, diced tomatoes, brown rice, and corn in it. no added fat, but seasoned well with chili powder, cumin, garlic, and red pepper flakes. very healthy, very tasty, and extremely filling.

just make sure that when you're cooking, that you're not adding more fat to your dishes than needed. measure your oil/butter/whatever more carefully and find alternatives if you find yourself wanting to add too much. low-sodium broth is always a yummy option. also, for Thanksgiving, i made a delicious pan of baked mac & cheese. instead of the whole milk i used last year, i used soy milk. no one noticed a difference. for recipes with sour cream, use greek yogurt: tangy, think, low in fat, and full of protein. experiment with root vegetables other than standard white potatoes.

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11/11/12 6:54 P

Here's a great vegetable soup recipe:

I made it today. Based on feedback in the comments I baked the dumplings like biscuits at 400 degrees for about fifteen minutes. They came out perfectly. (I also used gluten-free flour but that wouldn't matter much.)

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11/9/12 1:22 P

I gave a bunch of suggestions in this thread, that was also posted yesterday.

I will also say again that the website (god, you'd think she pays me, I do so much shilling for her, but I love the site!) has a ton of great ideas for comfort food type stuff, in a lightened up version.

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11/9/12 12:11 P

Crockpot stews would be an option. I am vegan raw so i don't have the recipe books anymore.
But before I liked roasts, potatoes and a large salad. Now I just eat the salad.

Casseroles may work too. A big pot of chili.

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11/8/12 8:24 P

With the cooler weather my family wants me to make more flavorful hearty dinners, has anyone have suggestions for hearty midwestern/northeast style meal makeovers.

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