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9/4/11 4:03 P

You cannot use the pool before work?

I know after school activities often would not make that possible.

But the reality is that we have time for what is important to us. If our heath is important then we will make time for it.

Example, if one was to have a major heart attack and was told they have to change their diet and exercise on a regular basis or they would not survive another year they would start immediately and never look back.

Make it that much a priority and figure out how you are going to do it. It WILL involve change. Must most of life does not stay the same very long. Change is a constant situation if we are going to keep on track with anything in life.

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9/4/11 12:33 P

Good job holding your weight.

Get started back tracking calories and exercise and lose more!

Don't forget, the scale may be one of the worst ways to access your progress towards health! Adding muscle and losing body fat can net out to zero on the scale!


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9/4/11 12:09 P

Well I work as a custodian at a Jr/Sr High-school and my work in the Summer is very differant than while school is going on.Anyway long-story short,I didn't keep track of fitness or nutriction all Summer.Istill ate at a reasonable level and all Summer I would set a timer and water jog 30 minutes and swim or do water exercise for 30 more.I have lost no weight but am staying in a 3 pound range up or down. I did reach one goal.I can wear a size 14 jeans so I went from 18 to 14. I feel fit as a 58 year old could I guess. How can I lose weight? I work a 10 hour day so I have to have food and push myself to exercise after the day. I love swimming but that will soon be over.I live 30 miles from the nearest indoor pool. Give me suggestions.

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