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OKANOG Posts: 7,117
3/20/07 3:11 A

I have several versions of Mastercook, from the beginning to present. If they do not have the nutrients for a food, you have the option of finding the information and entering it into your food, nutrient definitions.

With so many new food products on the market every year, it is helpful to know that one can enter the nutritional value of food product on the Mastercook program. This allows you to save any new food product nutrients in the food definitions for future use.

What I really like about Mastercook is the scaling of recipes. You can take large portion family recipes and scale them down to 2 servings. Which works best for mathematical calculations than say for 1 serving.

Or if you are cooking for a large group, you can scale a recipes' ingredients up to 100 servings.

It is definitely more reliable for Canadians, than using Spark People food search as many label oriented foods are not listed for Canadian food products. Which maybe of use for other countries as well.

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PACKDK Posts: 2,084
3/19/07 1:07 P

I have that program somewhere. I agree with ChefChip; I stopped using it, but may try it again.

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3/17/07 11:10 A

I use Mastercook in my work kitchen...Its a very good program, one that i highly reccomend.

But, be warned, when you do the nutritionla values, it doesnt always have values for some food, so information may not be complete!

KACEKACE101 Posts: 411
3/16/07 8:28 P

Mastercook is a program that you put your recipes into (like you would here on SparkPeople), organize them, add photos, group them in a million different ways. It gives you the nutritional information, shopping lists, you can plan meals for certain days, create meals... etc.

It's not really a substitute in any way for SparkPeople, but its a good "in addition to..."

O2BSKINEE Posts: 589
3/16/07 2:45 P

What is Mastercook?

KACEKACE101 Posts: 411
3/15/07 10:01 P

Hello everyone,

I don't know how many of you are users of Mastercook, but I sure am and it's a really great program.

For this reason (and please, if I am in violation of anything, i apologize), I created a Yahoo group for Sparkers and other people looking to gather HEALTHY Mastercook-format recipes.

I think it would be really fun to share recipes with eachother and be able to just download them directly into the program.

P.S. I don't intend for this to in any way take away from SparkPeople's recipes or, just a convienent format for users.

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