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SARAHANN01 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/20/12 7:28 P

I like Nike+. To test it I used it on a run that I already knew was exactly 2 miles. It tracked it accurately. I also like that I can set music to my runs.

KRALLEN1 Posts: 257
7/20/12 12:24 P

I have been using Nike + and i love it. You can set music to your workout and not only does it track a basic workout but you can do calorie burning workouts or timed ones too. And if you register your stuff on their website you can set goals and really challenge yourself.

7/20/12 8:02 A

I've been using MapMyFitness for a couple years now and haven't had any problems with inaccuracies. I walk around my city to the grocery store and places, and I ride my bike a lot of places [including a bike path that has mileage markers] and I know the distances for everything, and the mileage that the app gives me is always accurate. I've heard that it can be a little off in big cities with lots of tall buildings [I'd occasionally have some issues when I lived in Chicago, but no huge discrepancies] or when there's significant cloud cover [but I'm out in all weather and have never had a problem].

Just as a note, MapMyFitness/Run/Ride does have an option for voice feedback. I have it turned off, I wouldn't be able to hear it anyway while I'm on my bike, but it's there.

Personally, I haven't tried Nike+ so I don't know how accurate it is or what features it offers, but I've compared MapMyFitness against a lot of other apps [like RunKeeper, another popular one] and definitely prefer it. The only one I haven't tried that people seem to love more is Endomondo [but I'm perfectly happy with MapMyFitness and it has all my data from the past two years so I'm not about to change].

CHIHAYA SparkPoints: (0)
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7/20/12 1:50 A

I wouldn't trust anything Nike+ provides, after seeing horrible experience Nike+ iPod.

SEEALL30 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/20/12 12:22 A

I used the Map My Walk iPhone app and it was very, very inaccurate. My walk was maybe 1.5 miles and it had me at 2.07. That's a huge difference in my opinion...

ELLESSE0 SparkPoints: (8,241)
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7/19/12 8:14 P

I started out with Map My Run and switched to Nike+ because my friends were all using it. I like it way more --- particularly the option to have a voice update you every however many miles (I have it set at .5) on how far you've gone, how long you have been running, and what your pace per mile is. It's a great motivator! If you go onto the website, you can see your mile splits (on the app itself is only a heat map of where you were going fastest and slowest).

7/19/12 6:31 P

Old post, I know, but I'd go with Nike+ (I did). However, there's an even more exciting development on the horizon, Nike+ Trainer. Direct integration with your phone.

SBOB82 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/22/12 9:03 A

Hi Jeanne,

I have an Android phone and I downloaded the free app iMapMyFITNESS+. It's super simple to use. Just make sure your GPS is turned on on your phone, then hit the Record Workout button and this lovely little app will not only track your speed, distance and time, but it will also map out the route that you took and allow you to post your workout to Facebook, Twitter, or email it. Pretty awesome for a freebie app. Downside: GPS doesn't work too well under cloud cover. Hope that helps, enjoy!

T2JEANNE SparkPoints: (0)
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5/22/12 8:58 A

I just stumbled upon this site myself. Looks like it will be great to track my distance but since I mostly walk ... distance might be it for the moment.

BEASTIE72 SparkPoints: (38,589)
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5/21/12 9:34 P

I use map my ride and I love it, but I also use my HRM while I ride to get a more accurate calorie counter. If it were me, I'd not worry so much about thewarm up and cool down since it's a minimal amount. Use those as that extra safety factor.

MENHALLS SparkPoints: (31,663)
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5/21/12 9:12 P

I don't know, but I'm going to bump this up in case someone else does!

EJENKINSB SparkPoints: (0)
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5/20/12 11:06 A

Does anyone have any recommendations or thoughts on Map My Run or Nike +? I tried Map My Run last night and liked it but couldn't figure out how to accurately show my warm up and cool down (walking) and instead ended up logging the whole thing as jogging. While the majority WAS jogging, I want it to be accurate. I think I am being drawn into Nike+ because of the phone app! It might take the guesswork out of trying to figure out the Map My Run site.

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