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ZIGGY122 Posts: 2,198
3/3/13 11:37 A

I no longer get mad at myself... learned it takes too much energy...would rather accept the mistakes and move on

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
3/3/13 11:23 A

life happens, don't be mad at yourself today is a new day, if you fall and don't get up then you can get mad but u realize you ate a little more then you should and your gonna fix it. Give yourself a break your human!

FIRECOM SparkPoints: (0)
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3/3/13 11:16 A

It is important, at least for me, to understand that small fluctuation such as you described are normal. I don't beat myself up over it. I track my daily weight in Excel that way I can see trends which tells me a whole lot more that just a number on the scale.

SCHEALTHNUTT SparkPoints: (49,055)
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3/3/13 11:01 A

I have been lax the past 4-5 days. Need to get it right!!!

07SOJO Posts: 1,652
2/27/13 2:00 P

The good news is you are back on the right track and moving forward. Forget what's behind and forgive yourself. You can't change the past but you change your future. emoticon

DANYLEIN SparkPoints: (94,726)
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2/27/13 1:07 P

Wow, Thanks! Your words made me feel so much better. I was thinking, where did I eat 3500 extra calories? It's not TOM, I'm past that BUT it could be sodium. I've been eating popcorn at night.
Gosh I feel better. I was so depressed after the weigh in.
Thanks for your kindness! Much appreciated!!

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,279)
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2/27/13 12:55 P


Unless you ate an extra 3,500 calories on top of your normal intake on Saturday, you did not gain one pound of fat. What you're experiencing is nothing more than a temporary water weight gain. Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to gain weight during their menstrual cycle. Is that a fat gain ? Nope. it's nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days. This too shall pass.

Did you happen to eat salty foods ? If so, that's the reason you gained. the excess sodium is causing water retention.

These kinds of fluctuations on the scale really are normal. I can easily gain or lose as much as 3-4 pounds in a day because of a shift in my water weight.

Nothing to worry about. You're not a bad person or a weak willed one because ate a bit more than you wanted. the scale went up because you're retaining water, nothing more.

2/27/13 11:01 A

Ugh, I hate when that happens. About three weeks ago I weighed in on a Monday morning after what I was only kind of a bad weekend only to see the scale up 3.8 lbs! VERY BAD WEEKEND!

o_O!? ZOIKS!

DANYLEIN SparkPoints: (94,726)
Fitness Minutes: (33,086)
Posts: 359
2/27/13 10:57 A

Gained a pound and I am fully responsible...Was really bad on Saturday and it came back to bite me today. I am so disappointed in myself. I have been trying so hard and have been so committed.
BUT,I refuse to give up. Right back on the right track.
Thanks for letting me vent... emoticon

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