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3/7/12 9:15 A

I am grateful for:
-the warmth of late winter days and early sunrise
-my husband giving me hugs and moving the trash can so I can back out the car easily
-organizational articles/tips to give me ideas and motivation
-my artist's group of women who give encouragement and support while we play with art
-fun nail polish to pretty me up and give me a boost without calories

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3/7/12 8:52 A

This morning, I have much to be grateful for, including:

-A solid night of sleep
-No kittens waking me at the crack of dawn (no idea why as it's usually a daily thing, but I'm definitely grateful for the break)
-Birds chirping in our back yard
-The view out my window as I focus on gratitude, with birds at the bird feeder and the green grass
-A warm and comfortable home that is truly shelter from the storm
-Refreshing the beautiful hydrangeas we purchased for last Saturday's memorial
-Tulips and irises opening wide and still beautiful enough to continue enjoying them
-Trader Joe's, that brings wonderful flower selections and great prices

Make it an excellent day!

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3/7/12 8:08 A

My gratitude and appreciations this morning include:
-Early drive w/R to other side of city giving us quality communication time with splendid views
-Shopping and observing trends at huge luxury mall and fun chats with people met for first time
-R’s wonderful Dentist taking care of all his needs and staying well within his budget
-Spring style weather seducing me out for KJ walk with M even though I had already walked the mall for nearly 3 hours
-Lots of progress made in backyard pruning, clearing and preparing for Spring and gardens with V returning again today to continue this work
-Science channel program on Black Holes w/ analogy of a black hole’s event horizon and waterfall’s point of no return, observation plus math, clarifying this space warping phenomenon in new ways to me
emoticon WLM1227

WLM1227 Posts: 69
3/7/12 5:54 A

Many thanks for this lovely thread.

From the Bible: "As a man thinketh, so shall he be."

Sometimes life is simply a case of mind over matter ... or more accurately, that we create most abundantly with a grateful heart.

So I'm grateful that I can do the FIRM every day, a tough one hour workout ... when a year ago some doctor told me I needed a knee replacement. Yeah, right.

I'm grateful to Louise Hay and all of Hay House and Hay House radio and the wonderful authors and lecturers there who inspire me every day of my life.

GBOOMER Posts: 7,028
3/7/12 4:46 A

I am grateful this morning for:

- fun with the "Draw Something" app on iPad.
- new substitute coworker
- walk with L yesterday
- only one lesson left of Pimsleur Spanish 3
- student fun and creativity in their 3rd quarter projects

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3/6/12 10:30 P

Today I am so thankful because I have a job!!!! I waited over a year for it, but God had a plan because I am definitely in the right place right now. Awesome!

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3/6/12 10:21 P

Tonight I am thankful for...
~free cookies.
~fresh, clean drinking water.
~a (hopefully) positive meeting about a student.
~being able to help a friend through a difficult time by drawing on my own experiences.
~positive thoughts to start the day.

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3/6/12 7:12 P

Today, I have much to be grateful for, including:

-This wonderful (currently crazy) job of mine with all the great perks
-Taking a break at a very stressful moment and lining out how to alleviate the stress by talking with a co-worker
-Fresh fruit in four varieties today in my breakfast and lunch
-My amazing partner and her spot-on observations about me that I often forget
-Understanding and compassion

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3/6/12 4:51 P


I live my life in big circles
that surround all things,
that circle around all that is.
Maybe i will not complete the last circle,
But i will attempt it.
I circle around God
that ancient tower,
and I have been circling
for centuries and millennia,

And i do still not know: am i a falcon,
a storm, or the Great Song.
-- Rainer Maria Rilke

Good afternoon,

I'm here in gratefulness~~

~ for and Brother David Steindl-Rast

~ being given a break by a professor

~ authentic friendships with students unfolding, what with over two years on campus now

~ the beauty and uniqueness of Latin American folk music, especially protest music, e.g., Mercedes Sosa and Silvio Rodrigues

~ healthy lunch

Blessed be,

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IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
3/6/12 3:08 P

Today I am deeply grateful for:
~ being able to attend yoga class today
~ being really close to being able to walk without a limp/crutch
~ the miraculous healing powers of the body
~ physical therapists & chiropractic healers
~ good sleep
~ more blessings than I could ever list

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3/6/12 8:47 A

Appreciations and gratitude today includes:
-Cleaning kitchen windows, dog door and mirror inspiring R to clear more garden area with good plan for planters over lilac roots
-Servicing road bike and taking her out for ten mile ride, reminding me of why I love cycling
-Finding new way to unclip from pedals, lifting confidence and banishing that concern
-Cable series shows finally ‘On Demand’, viewed with ‘family’
-Nearly full moon last night glowing in sky with Orion and Jupiter and emoticon

GBOOMER Posts: 7,028
3/6/12 4:41 A

I am grateful this morning for:

- knowing a decent accountant and being able to help a friend by referring him.
- a little walk yesterday.
- good focus and quick thinking during yesterday's Spanish session.
- Celebrity Apprentice
- it looks like we've found tenants.

FRECKS96 SparkPoints: (67,115)
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3/5/12 9:17 P

Tonight I am thankful for...
~a day full of sunshine, even if it was cold.
~waking up with positive thoughts.
~the possibility of completing this month's bootcamp workouts during my lunch hour (no weights).
~folded laundry.
~the chance to discuss positive life change and healthy living with my 5th graders as part of their curriculum.

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3/5/12 9:07 P

Today I am grateful for:

- Working from home in comfort and peace
- Finishing a good book
- Budget approved for much desired work projects - woot!
- Tasty dinner prepared by my hubby
- A laugh at my dog

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3/5/12 12:29 P

Today, my gratitudes are many, including:

-Sunshine streaming through my window
-Beautiful weather and temp today
-All three kittens suffering the humiliation of nail clipping, each watching the others go through it, with big-time treats afterwards!!
-A very nice phone call from my sister yesterday
-A card from an old friend
-Having lunch today with another old friend

Make it an excellent day!

IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
3/5/12 11:56 A

Today I am deeply grateful for:
~ my chiropractic appointment in less than an hour
~ my physical therapy appointment this afternoon
~ having a flexible schedule allowing me the time to do what is needed to heal
~ stopping myself when I realized I had had enough oatmeal this morning
~ plans
~ more blessings than I could ever list

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3/5/12 8:30 A

My morning appreciations include;
-Having energy and desire for KJ walk, gallery reviews and MHC after morning adventure
-Lovely conversation with my brother and invitation for visit/vacation
-Healthy fresh organic produce, beans, roasted buckwheat added to larder
-Golden peach sunrise promising a beautiful day
-Dancing emoticon

GBOOMER Posts: 7,028
3/5/12 5:17 A

I am grateful this morning for:

- a restful, celebratory and fun birthday weekend.
- starting to have fun with my facebook timeline.
- email from an old friend.
- old house on the market only two days and already two interested renters.
- cats liking the new flavor Science Diet canned food for mature cats.

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3/4/12 10:15 P

Today I'm grateful for:

-All the cooking I did
-The bright sun
-My increasing willpower
-My sore abs
-A suprise visit by a friend

BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
3/4/12 10:13 P

I'm grateful for
* peaceful friendships and my mental stability!
* humor
* a freshly shampooed carpet
* hints of spring
* the world's best husband
* loving friends

FRECKS96 SparkPoints: (67,115)
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3/4/12 10:03 P

Tonight I am thankful for...
~a safe trip to and from our gymnastics competition.
~a great visit to a specialty running store.
~new kicks!
~the company of a friend.
~another full week of work.

VALERIEMAHA SparkPoints: (58,915)
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3/4/12 7:45 P

Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. --Rumi

Good evening,

Taking a "time out" to be here~~

~ baby orange lentils, brown basmati, and pototoes brewed together to eat with an awesome rainbow salad

~ finally getting a start on my paper, better late than never (due TU online by 10:00pm)

~ gifted Leonard Cohen's latest CD "Old Ideas," great art work in the liner notes, and the bard is as creative as ever

~ enjoyed writing my "eighth decade" blog with the smiles brought by the photos and remembrance

~ green tea, my go-to drink

Blessed be,

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3/4/12 11:02 A

Today, I am grateful for many things, including:

-A wonderful gathering yesterday with an overflowing houseful of people, and TONS of good food, all to celebrate my dear friend's life and memories in her family's true style and tradition (which is why she asked me in advance if we could have the memorial at our house)
-Pat's son-in-law and grandsons all helping me get chairs, tables, barstools, and other furniture I brought up from downstairs for the memorial back to their proper places!!
-The kittens, who were so great about the three of them getting locked into my office during the memorial (I had visions of yowling and scratching)!
-Sundays with Pat (named after "Tuesdays with Morrie) for the past 10 months or so
-A yearly standing date for all friends and family on April 24th at Houlihan's 6 p.m. - no e-mail reminders, just those who want to remember the day of Pat's birth and raise a toast or a bite
-My incredible partner, who is always so totally open to my sharing our home and my time to dear friends
-Maha's sharing of her family memories; those we love always live on in our hearts and memories, don't they?
-My plans for today, which are to do very little

Make it an excellent day!

REBCCA SparkPoints: (420,079)
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3/4/12 7:08 A

Hello GBoomer, Many years ago a friend related her take on Birthday's being Personal New Years and it made perfect sense to me. That is where the concept came from for me and have actually never seen it anywhere else.

Among my gratitudes today:
-special moment of mutual energy recognition with Afghan man met at show
-completing gem treasure collection
-low profile vintage 'cedes sliding under the wind in wonderful ride with wide views
-beets....and lots of other veggies
-invitation from charming ladies to join their dowsing group
-breakfast date soon

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GBOOMER Posts: 7,028
3/4/12 4:32 A

Thanks, Rebecca! By the way, I like that expression, "Happy Personal New Year". Never heard it before. Is it original?

This morning I am grateful for:

- a good run at the community center yesterday.
- fun and laughter with L yesterday.
- nice weather.
- fried plantains.
- singing and guitar playing.

IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
3/3/12 9:54 P

Tonight I am deeply grateful for:
~ attending a great workshop
~ daughter taking Lula to the dog park
~ knee feeling much better
~ an overflowing day tomorrow
~ feeling ready to handle the overflow
~ more blessings than I could ever list

FRECKS96 SparkPoints: (67,115)
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3/3/12 9:33 P

Tonight I am thankful for...
~finishing SP's 28 day boot camp (and looking forward to the next challenge).
~realizing how much more consistent my running has been this "winter", in part because of my own commitment and in part because of my treadmill.
~a quick afternoon nap on the couch.
~gentle reminders of how I should live.
~random acts of kindness.

VALERIEMAHA SparkPoints: (58,915)
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3/3/12 11:43 A

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.
Oh heart, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body, answer that the flower withers, but the seed remains.
-- Kahlil Gibran

Good morning,

"Being with" Stephanie as she/friends/family honor the transition of her dear friend in memorial, I am reminded~~

~ of the wonderful conversations with my brother and how he got me "up to speed" on computer use, even making an unheard-of trip to Hawaii to help me with hardware issues

~ of playing the piano and singing with my father, from whom I inherited musical interest and any talent I have

~ of all the ways my mom supported me through the difficult developmental years

~ of my dearest male friend and yoga brother, Vivekan, with whom I shared so much joy and adventure and beauty

~ of my dear Aunt Billie, mom's sister, who was a "muthuh' truckuh" long before women did such things. She cruised all over the USA in her camper on solo road trips, meeting people along the way and having wonderful adventures well into her 70's

Blessed be,

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3/3/12 9:42 A

This morning, I bow in gratitude for:

-The sun shining brightly on this day that we will celebrate in memory my dear friend's life
-Birds chirping (she loved spring)
-Friends to help me with our gathering today
-My house concert experience for so many years, which makes today a very familiar routine for me, well-organized and flowing smoothly with prep, food, drinks, and all
-Taking time out last night to stop and have a healthy dinner with my partner
-Trader Joe's, where I'm headed for flowers for today's gathering
-My wonderful memories of time with my dear friend that will carry me today and the rest of my current life (and possibly further)

Make it an excellent day!

REBCCA SparkPoints: (420,079)
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3/3/12 7:42 A

emoticon Happy Personal New Year GBoomer emoticon

Appreciations this day include:
-Finding what I was looking for a gem show and enjoying a couple of hours of checking out all the wares
-Invigorating conversations with old friends including Psychedelic show curator (evoking splendid memories shared)
-R doing awesome job of produce/food shopping for me
-Veggie medley roasted and ready for healthy ‘fast food’ meals ahead
-Interesting dream on protection
-Meeting local farmer and getting lots of gardening info


GBOOMER Posts: 7,028
3/3/12 5:18 A

I am a little overwhelmed by all the lovely birthday greetings! Thank you, friends! You are today's gratitude number 1.

I am also grateful for:

- finishing writing an online course yesterday.
- another good walk, this time in the rain with umbrella.
- lots of music in the living room.
- some new strategies for how to more enjoy my online life.

FRECKS96 SparkPoints: (67,115)
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3/2/12 10:08 P

Happy Birthday Boomer!! Today I am thankful for...
~all the good news shared here by our friends. What a joy to read all of your blessings every day!
~the (re) addition of yoga into my weekly exercise schedule.
~Friday and pay-day.
~The Lorax movie...and the free packet of tomato seeds (my daughter's favorite!)

IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
3/2/12 3:57 P

and Happy Birthday Boomer! So grateful for ALL you share here!

IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
3/2/12 3:56 P

Today I am deeply grateful for:
~ physical therapy assessment and exercises
~ preparation for singing on Sunday
~ flexible schedule
~ being able to hear friends make beautiful music
~ my helpful and supportive daughter and husband
~ more blessings than I could ever list

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (277,906)
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3/2/12 3:48 P

Happy, happy day to GBoomer - hope your special day is a great one!!!

I know tonight will be crazy, so want to go ahead with posting my gratitudes, as I have so much to be grateful for, including:

-Another great full body strength training workout completed at lunch, FINALLY working my way back to twice a week ST
-Following Maha in this amazing practice
-Indeed, Sherrie's good news about no surgery
-A co-worker helping with a project (I'm buried and she's leaving on sabbatical)
-Win-win situations, such as all of the chairs, tables, bar stools and other things that need to be brought up from downstairs tonight; I will do them one at a time continuously, instead of stacking them as I would normally to get it done more quickly, all the while getting some great stair-climbing exercise in
-Always, always, always - my health and my willingness AND ability to do as much as possible to try and stay healthy
-A long week that is now moving into a weekend
-Flexibility with my job on Monday

VALERIEMAHA SparkPoints: (58,915)
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3/2/12 1:32 P

One more:

The inimitable presence of Birthday Boy GBoomer among us, celebrating the day he joined us on this spinning planet!!!

VALERIEMAHA SparkPoints: (58,915)
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3/2/12 11:28 A

Come Back, My Friend

From the hundreds of times I lost
the connection, I learn this:
Your fragrance
brings me back. Inside that I become
a feast day with aloeswood burning,
the pure empty sky around the moon.

then I make promises.
I break them.
And same as before,
I try
to find You
by thinking
and reading
about finding.
No help there!

-- Rumi

Good morning,

I am happy to be here sharing gratitudes on this sunny, gusty day proclaiming spring~~

~ the amazing Teachings of Rumi

~ Bobby McFerrin's treasure trove of talent

~ Sherrie's good news!

~ my meditation streak continues unabated

~ classes going well

Blessed be

SMILEYBEE SparkPoints: (70,844)
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3/2/12 11:22 A

This morning's gratitude includes ...
... the return of clear blue skies and glorious sunshine today
... snow shoeing plans the next couple of days (first such outings this year and it's already March!)
... plans to meet J for lunch at a new place
... forgiveness and unconditional love
... feeling rested and energized this morning

K-PO110 SparkPoints: (39,235)
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Posts: 863
3/2/12 10:23 A

Today I am grateful for:

- A clean Mini in and out - I swear he drives better clean
- A romantic evening with my hubby
- Getting a haircut today!
- Being on a major plow route so it was easy to get out from the blizzard
- My freindship with M who makes me feel loved everyday
- Time with Dad last night
- Being able to return to exercise today after being sick

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (277,906)
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3/2/12 8:58 A

This morning, I am grateful for:

-No snow on the roads (at least year) so travel to work will be fine
-Getting good cardio in yesterday
-Intentions for my second full body strength training at lunch today
-Crazy kittens and my patience with their blunders from exploration
-Good conversations last night with friends
-It's Friday!!

Make it an excellent day!

REBCCA SparkPoints: (420,079)
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3/2/12 6:53 A

My appreciations and gratitudes today include:
-catching up with meditation challenge sessions
-easy flow in studio
-gem show today
-frigid weather assuring flora will not prematurely bud
-happy healthy harmony at home
-anticipating Spring emoticon

GBOOMER Posts: 7,028
3/2/12 4:47 A

I am grateful this morning for:

- a cool dream last night.
- middle school conferences today meaning less work for me.
- being almost finished with the course I am writing.
- the logitech squeezebox touch that I bought less than a week ago.
- working with people that I like.

Right back at ya, Rebecca emoticon . Thanks for your presence here!

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FRECKS96 SparkPoints: (67,115)
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3/1/12 9:34 P

Happy March! Tonight I am thankful for...
~a new month, full of new opportunities.
~an hour delay to the start of school/work this AM, March certainly came in like a lion in NY!
~the possibility of running outside on Saturday.
~the MANY new babies born to friends and family the last few months (6 that I can think of off hand).
~my own "baby" girl, who at 5.5 is growing to be more like her mom every day.

IAM1WEVRY1 Posts: 2,954
3/1/12 4:29 P

Today I am grateful for:
~ intact ligaments and no surgery needed
~ physical therapy arranged
~ smiles
~ waking up to snowscape
~ clear roads
~ more blessings than I could ever list

VALERIEMAHA SparkPoints: (58,915)
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Posts: 11,737
3/1/12 4:10 P

May you grow up to be righteous, may you grow up to be true. May you always know the truth and see the lights surrounding you.
-- Bob Dylan

Happy March!

March: In like a lamb and out like a lion...? Well it's definitely a beautiful spring-like day!!! And I'm deeply grateful to be here among you all~~

~ thoroughly enjoyed 80 minutes of bike time today in this gorgeous weather

~ working on balance and having increasing success in NOT engaging in negativity and the shadow side of a person in my life

~ great blog on the neurobiology of integrity!

~ music that touched me so deeply it brought tears to my eyes

~ plans to pick out a new compact stereo for myself perhaps today and so happy that I'm able to do this

Blessed be,

SMILEYBEE SparkPoints: (70,844)
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Posts: 3,658
3/1/12 10:52 A

Hello March ... today I'm thankful for
... N's friendship and encouraging words
... my old, warm, bulky olive green sweater
... raspberries
... the view outside my window
... all the people and things that have passed through my mind as objects of gratitude this morning

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (277,906)
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Posts: 12,027
3/1/12 9:22 A

On this special first day of March (following leap day), I come to share my gratitude for so many things, including:

-Rebecca, who keeps this board and this special practice going strong, always timely with graciousness and style
-Sunshine streaming through my window
-Kittens (or should I say a herd of elephants) playing, loving and purring, with morning treats all around!!!
-Simply being able to take a deep breath, and then cherishing those breaths, with intentions of remembering deep breathing practice during hectic times
-A great full body strength training workout yesterday after work
-Organic produce delivery yesterday
-Preparations for my friend's memorial at our home on Saturday proceeding along nicely

Make it an excellent day!!

REBCCA SparkPoints: (420,079)
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Posts: 22,872
3/1/12 7:56 A

My gratitude and blessings today include:
-KJ walk with M and feeling an affirming energy boost after performing MHC midway
-Documentary on artist Beverly McIver
-Touching ‘thank you’ email from client with lovely intentions
-Humorous way R squeezed into ‘cedes (as I drove him while suv was serviced)
-Sharing organic apple with H
-Gboomer preceding me here emoticon

GBOOMER Posts: 7,028
3/1/12 6:16 A

I am grateful this first morning in March for:

- a good run yesterday.
- seeing a historic DC border marker on my run, noticing it for the first time.
- hearing students laugh again yesterday.
- lots of student success.
- Spanish in the car.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (420,079)
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2/29/12 8:30 P

"Whatever you are waiting for--peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of Simple Abundance--it will surely come, but only when you are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart. "
Sarah Ban Breathnach

Sarah Ban Breathnach is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of Simple Abundance, and has been called the Founder of the Gratitude Movement in America

The idea here is to write at least five things you are grateful or appreciative each day, thus cultivating an attitude of gratitude I will be here with my 5 for the first day of March. I appreciate everyone who joins me in this tradition.


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