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BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
4/19/12 11:38 A

just revisiting this and passing along to you - when reworking the budget i thought long and hard - some things i have eliminated - and i looked very carefully about going back to weight watchers - they had the deal on - free e tools and no registration- but for me the meetings are really important - supportive and people converse. so i have given me a time limit - much as with spark i have set goals etc -
but i guess some of us have to have certain schedules, rituals, rules and accountability face to face.
the weight loss is slow - but i have come to terms over the last five years - i have seen my thyroid do very wacky this to me and my body. i can only do what i can do - now that my thyroid has settled - i am hoping my metabolism will be 'good to me' and co operate. i have lost 2.7 pounds - in three weeks - it won't set the world on fire = but it is the right direction.
if you feel an investment in yourself may be too much - please don't - you are important - certainly more important than a magazine subscription, or whatever. you can always indulge later on if you still want to.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,562
3/11/12 10:50 A


BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
3/11/12 9:00 A

well - i heard a lot of noises - and yep - i have little critters in my attic - the animal movers come this morning to humanely take the mama raccoon and her babies out of there. the animals will have to relocate themselves -
so they have had free rental on me - but the bill will be $400.00 to do the job.
so there goes the dentist - and a few other things -
wow - i really need a job.
but compared to a lot of other things right now - this is minor. BB

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
2/28/12 7:59 A

here is another beef i have with these companies - today i got A WHOPPING big hydro billing. when i called about it they said - well we have not read your meter for SEVEN months. i said so what the hell have i been sending 80 and 90 dollars for the past several months for?
she replied 'oh that was just an 'estimated bill' - this is for the real usage amount!"
so because you guys decided not to read my meter - now i am expected to come up with over $590. all at once. if i don't i pay late fees etc.
these companies are cutting back - firing meter readers etc - and expecting us to be able to just clean out the bank for them when they say and on THEIR TERMS.
the whole bill for usage comes to under $200 -all the rest is delivery, customer charges, debt retirement and taxes.
well i won't be putting gas in my car , or groceries on in my cupboards this week. i have a vet appt - and that has to be done - thank God for canned food and some left overs.
another GREAT DAY in this world.

PATHFINDER52 Posts: 754
1/25/12 4:23 P

I do know about having “one of those days” and I commend your willingness to re-think and re-arrange your life as your current circumstances demand. Call it flexibility, call it re-inventing yourself!

A few ideas. . .
-- My cell phone is not fancy. It is the most basic month-to-month plan I could find. I pay about $100 per year (yes, that’s all) and while it costs me 10-cents per minute, the phone itself was free and I rarely use up the minutes on my phone. I keep it for emergencies and to be in courteous if I find myself stuck in traffic and likely to be late for an engagement.

-- I find that I watch too much TV and, with cable costs on the rise, I expect I may retreat to the most basic package I can find to help me eliminate the time-wasting hours I’ve become accustomed to spending in front of the television set. It is time to take back my life!

-- I’ve separated internet from cable & phone service. For now, it seems cheaper and more reliable to do it this way. The “bundle” seemed to make life easy, but the price was always on the rise!

Your “national newspaper” that you love is available online, I’m sure or, if you enjoy the feel of holding it in your hands, at your local library. My library has an area just for reading periodicals. There is a fireplace and comfy seats – it is almost like home (my home, away from home!).

Don’t think of this period in your life as “sacrificial” – instead, imagine it as a time to simplify your life, a chance to make each choice in a way that benefits you, helps you manage, and brings you success in the long-run!

That’s what we learn here, how to celebrate each success, how to choose what is best, rather than what is easy. All these choices make us strong, thoughtful, confident and formidably capable of building a good life for ourselves!

Carry on! You are choosing well!


BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
1/25/12 1:53 P

i know we are all doing it more than ever in today's economy. and to be fair - we probably all know we had 'excesses' that started out as luxuries, then morphed into necessities in our daily lives. as an example - i received notice that cable/iinternet services will YET AGAIN be increased despite a '24 month agreement to the contrary' - 'they' can do anything 'they like' these big corporations - but if you renege you will be charged for the entire extent you agreed to. i also received notice that the cell phone service will be increasing.
so one is 'my only entertainment/information' outlet, the other is for emergencies - like driving alone in bad weather should something happen to the car or whatever.
i used to get the national newspaper - once a week - saturday - and love to read it every section over the weekend - well that was the 'sacrificed luxury' to make up for the other two. however - i believe the cell phone will be next - and i tell myself - you lived without a cell phone all your life except the last 9 yrs. so suck it up!!!
the things is PAY PHONES ARE NO LONGER AROUND for a break down on the road in the early hours of the morning. my hope would be a nice cop or trucker offers help.
we are all sitting in the dark and freezing - to save money BUT THE BILLS JUST KEEP going up - cause if they don't get it one way = they slam it on another way - we have all seen the extras on the billings and i have mentioned it many times before.
just been one of those days - ya know!!!???

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