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I worked for years away from fridges and microwaves. The igloo lunch box with artificial ice will keep most any food cold throughout the day. So there is no limit to what one can fix for a person and send on their way. I was one that liked a simple meal and I made my own. I usually had a nice big sandwich and some fruit or veggies. I would eat one of my snacks a couple hours before lunch, then have my sandwich for lunch, then eat my last snack a couple hours after lunch. This way I always had something on my stomach but not too much. Since most my life I had physically demanding jobs, this also helped me to stay healthy and fit. I also always started out my day with a good breakfast and had a nice meal when I got home.

Having jerky(my favorite) and nutrition bars is also a good way to have something if a little extra is needed or if overtime came about. One does have to be careful of those though since jerkey is high in sodium and nutrition bars aren't always all that nutritious. Sometimes a nutrition bar is just an expensive candy bar.

2/19/13 3:46 P

Thanks, MONKIESMOMMY! Great idea.


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This will kind of depend on his preferences but one thing that's always a good option in that situation is beef jerky. My husband also likes trail mix to take with him for snacking, the individual ones are harder to find but you can always get the big one and put it into sandwich baggies. For the actual meal part one of the best things we found were these little chicken salad things at walmart. I think the brand was bumble bee or something, its got everything to put together and comes with crackers, you can throw some bread in the lunch box and a bag of chips and they could have a chicken salad sandwich, no cooling or heating needed. Hope that helps

2/18/13 10:38 A

Hi! I am having some troubles thinking of some healthy lunch options for the hubby. He's outside for the majority of the day. Hardly ever any access to a microwave, fridge, etc. Very physical job, so he needs a lot of energy. Anyone have ideas? Trying to keep it simple as well. Thanks in advance!


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