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2/3/11 1:50 P

I am a big fan of hot wings, so I started making buffalo chicken sandwhiches. I just use deli flats, and chicken, either left over slices or oscar meyer carving board. Add lettuce or broccoli slaw, and my favorite hot wing sauce (Franks) and I am good to go. I cant really reheat food on my job, so it stays well during the day.

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2/1/11 11:23 P

I buy a 12oz already cooked chicken breast and divide it into 4 days, heat in the microwave, put some hot sauce and mango salsa on top. I have a side of veggies, such as butternut squash. Yum! You can also take the chicken and make a sandwich or even a wrap, just add some hummus and veggies.

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1/29/11 8:43 A

Spinach & Shrimp Salad:

Fresh spinach
13 shrimp (unthawed-cooked)
lemon juice
olive oil

You are getting vegy, protein and fat. You could add a fruit to it. I usually eat a grapefruit everyday for lunch.

I will have this on a regular basis for lunch..If I go to work I pack everything separate and mix together later.

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1/25/11 11:35 A

Here's a quick idea, that's light, different and tasty. 1 can of black beans drained and washed. 1 small red onion,finely chopped, 1 or 2 mangos finely chopped, the juice of 2 or 3 limes and extra virgin olive oil. mix all the ingredients and chill for 2 to 4 hours.

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1/24/11 1:27 P

Do you have access to a microwave? If so, I have found that a little effort on the weekend pays off. Last night, I threw an extra pork loin with the one that I was making for dinner. I cut it up, threw a portion in a tupperware container, along with a pre-packaged serving of Minute Rice Brown Rice, and some of the leftover steamed veggies that I also made for dinner. That was lunch today. VERY filling. I also have some chicken breast that I cooked up late last week that I will be able to throw in with my veggies as the week goes on.

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1/24/11 10:54 A

I'm a grad student so I'm always looking for new stuff to pack rather than buy food with everyone else at the cafe.

Right now, I'm a huge fan of chobani greek yogurt. If you've never tried it before, just make sure to mix in the fruit off the bottom before you dive it. And check out the nutrition label! I don't understand how they pack so much protein into that little container.

I usually also have triscuits (or baby carrots) w/ hummus and a piece of fruit to round off my lunch. I'm a big fan of things of that are easy to pull together... literally just count them and put them in a bag. Embarrassingly, a sandwich is sometimes just too much for me to deal with during the week!

Hope that helps emoticon

1/24/11 10:49 A

I am trying more 'gourmet' versions of the same old stuff, such as more exotic ingredients in tuna and turkey sandwiches- one or two of the things that you get at restaurants, like chipotle mayo, or peperonchinis, or a more exotic cheese like fontina.

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1/24/11 8:10 A

1/23/11 9:36 P

Soup - lower sodium, broth based is better
Butternut squash
Beef barley
Chicken noodle
Italian wedding

Sandwiches - use lean meat and low fat cheese if possible and load up on the vegetable condiments
Turkey and Havarti
Ham and cheese
Tomato and mozzarella
Tuna salad (fat free mayo)
Egg salad (three egg whites and one whole egg, fat free mayo)
Chicken salad (fat free mayo)

Choose greens (romaine, spring mix, arugula, spinach, rocket, endive, boston lettuce, leaf lettuce, dandelion, etc.)
Choose vegetables (tomato, cucumber, celery, radish, pepper, carrots, peas, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, etc.)
Choose protein (shrimp, chicken, steak strips, eggs, cheese, fish, beans, ham, etc.)
Choose fruit (apple, berries, pears, apricots, orange segments, avocado, grapes, melon, etc.)
Choose topping (almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, crunchy noodles)
Choose dressing.
You got a great salad meal!

FEELINGR8T77 Posts: 55
1/23/11 7:22 P

I need some new healthy ideas of things to have for lunch...It gets to where I get tried of the same old thing everyday and looking for something new and delicious..Any ideas would be a great help..Thank you

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