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1/31/03 9:12 A

I see my hypnosis via email to make you think Doritos taste like something the dog dropped has worn off so here is another idea: Eating Doritos isn't much better for you than eating something the dog dropped.

The statement isn't really very close to fact but just thinking about the statement can really gross you out next time you are tempted.

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1/30/03 5:25 P you think doritos are good for me??~?!?!? hahahahahahahahahah!! Just kidding! I'm actually doing quite well with that addiction. Hopefully soon, I will be totally rid of it! now, off to dinner full of veggies I go!

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1/27/03 7:49 P

I'm with you Ola - I'm pretty sure that thinking will be an essential point of the "diet plan" we're building to help people! For example, there are definitely very good carbs like fruits and veggies and very bad ones too.

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1/27/03 6:05 P

I think that just about every plan out there agrees that a ton of fruits and vegies are a key factor when it comes to good nutrition for weight control and for every other health-related factor. The plan I can think of that deviates from the fruit/vegie idea the most is the old, and unfortunately still current, FDA food pyramid that shows grain to be more important than fruits and vegies. There are ideas out there that the FDA food pyramid should be changed so that fruits and vegies form the base of the pyramid rather than grains. The problem: it is easier and cheaper to produce enough grain to feed the population than it is to produce enough fruits/vegies to feed the population. It may never be possible for the government to back fruits and vegies as the prime recommendation when it comes to nutrition because we probably couldn't actually feed everyone that way.

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1/27/03 4:37 P

It's so funny, the more ready I think I am for a certain diet, the more terrible things I hear about it. I think I am going to make the conscious decision to just eat right. Not too much, not too little, but the right protiens, carbs, fats, and ofcourse a ton of veggies and fruits! I believe it is going to be easier to lose weight if I eat 'right' and work out right! (that means actually doing the workouts, and not pretending to while I sit on the couch!).

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1/27/03 9:27 A

I think that the Schwarzbein way is one of the healthiest ways anyone can eat. She gives a baseline of 60 grams carbohydrates per day for couch potatoes and adds carbs for exercise. She also tells you to not eat all those things that are bad for you.

Never forget that the quality of the carbs, proteins, and fats you eat are as important as the total amounts and the ratios. The more nutrients/less bad stuff per calorie you get; the better off you are.

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1/24/03 4:45 P

There are many low carb diets out there now a days. I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread on all of the different ones.

Just to name a few that I am aware of: Dr. Atkins, Dr. Perricone(also good for skin) and The Schwartzbien Principle. I know there are many others, but I'm not too well educated on them. The Atkins program has a great web site if you would like to find out what its' all about. Dr. Perricone has a book out, and so does the Schwartzbien diet...uh...way of life.

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