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6/9/12 2:30 A

I posted this on the diet and nutrition forum, too, where it got more responses, if you want to check.

Someone suggested peanut butter s'mores! What an amazing idea! That way you can use less chocolate, get some protein, and still feel like you're indulging. I've also decided to just have two s'mores on one night, then make kettle corn the other nights (larger in mass, whole grains, lower in calories). I posted the recipe on sparkrecipies if you're interested.

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6/5/12 2:57 P

I'm so glad you posted this! I can't wait to see people's responses because I need help with this too!

ALYGAT0R Posts: 117
6/5/12 7:02 A

I've been so happy with my diet, and I don't want to give it up during my week-long camping trip in England! It's also been years since I've had s'mores, and I know I'll have a few English hard ciders. I'll be exercising a lot more than I usually do, but I'm also planning on ignoring calories for two meals (a cream tea and a pub lunch) while I'm there, so I really want to keep things in control the rest of the time.

I don't think we'll have a camping stove, so it'll be just the fire for cooking. We will have access to a refrigerator, though.

I usually consume about 1350 a day. Because of increased exercise, I'd be willing to bump this up to 1450, but I've tried eating as much as 1550 before and I didn't lose any weight, even with working out.

Any suggestions?

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