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6/11/12 3:59 P

The Greek yogurt I purchase, Fage or Three Gods has no sugar other than the lactose all milk has. Avoid the Yoplait and other standard brands since they add things to their versions of Greek yogurt.

As an after workout drink the research indicates 8 ounces of whole chocolate has the proper portions or carbohydrates, protein and fats needed by the body at that time. I use protein drinks (I make my with kefir and whey protein not soy protein) as a snack not as a post workout replacement.

I will have savory oatmeal for breakfast adding cheese as added protein and necessary fats. You can cook the oatmeal overnight in a small slow cooker to have it ready in the morning. I also have hard boiled eggs on hand for breakfast. On occasion I will have rye toast (rye bread has a lower glycemic index than white) with natural peanut butter for breakfast.

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6/11/12 3:44 P

Thank you all for so much useful feedback

Coach Jen: Haha, I don't think I'm close enough to want to know a body fat number. I'm 170 and tho I'd say I'm on the stronger end, I'm only 5'8" so that 170 is still too high for me. I'm difinitely soft around the middle still. BMI says I need to get to 164 for the healthy range, but I'm prety sure I'm there already. This is the best shape I've been in my life. I just need to lose the last of my gut.

Mplane: I've been tracking everything the same way I always have. Not neccesarily measuring everything, but I've measure the things I eat reaccuringly so I know for certain what one serving looks like. Or I'll get a pound of chicken breast and split it into 4 separete freezer bags so I can make it quick later. Stuff like that. And I haven't been hungry at all doing this. I'll eat a snack before bjj, and after at about 9 o'clock I force myself to eat a dinner. After I get done lifting I have a protein/skim milk mix and then I'm not really hungry for supper anyway. During the day, I have a fruit and some almonds for an afternoon snack and that keeps any hunger at bay.

Sergeantmajor: Yep, I try to get all my carbs from good sources, virtually no sugar except for fruits and the ocasional greek yogurt. The cereals I have are Kashi go lean and a natural shredded wheat. They both have high fiber and protein amounts for cereals so I feel that's a good solution. If you have other suggestions for I can grab when I'm still half asleep and in a hurry I'd love to hear them.

other news: My stupid self decided to deadlift yesterday. I went easy and did less than half the weight I normally rep, but my hamstrings are still super sore today. I'll probably skip my run tomorrow morning.

Thank you again everyone. This is why this site is so awesome.

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6/11/12 2:43 P

How are you tracking those 1700kCals? I find that every time I jack up the exercise, I have a hard time containing my hunger. It may be that you are consuming more calories than you thought because of exercising a lot (and burning a lot of calories). I find that at 3500kCals of weekly expenditure, my hunger skyrockets. At 2500kCals, I have no problem of staying within my daily caloric range.

I suspect that one reason ST works to reduce the fat percentage of the body is because it simply does not burn too many calories, but just the right amount, while preventing the metabolic rate from dropping. At the same time if one eats at a slight caloric deficiency, although not building any muscle, reduces the fat percentage over time. This kind of very mild caloric deficiency does not trigger a hormonal change causing increased hunger that can be induced by a large caloric expenditure through cardio exercise. I have never been a big fan of ST, but whenever I feel like storming the kitchen due to a long run, I seem to appreciate it better.

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6/11/12 2:08 P


You've gotten some good advice already. A few things I wanted to add:

How tall are you? Once you're pretty close to your goal weight, I recommend having your body fat tested to see how close you are to the healthy range. That's a better indicator of how things are going vs. a number on the scale. Also, does your calories burned goal reflect how much cardio you're doing? 1700 calories sounds a little low to me based on how active you are. Eating too few calories will also help stall your weight loss.

Coach Jen

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6/11/12 12:26 P

Actually, I wouldn't recommend cutting carbs when you're working out intensely. Carbs are necessary fuel for your body, and actually needed for fast energy when you're working out. Ever heard of carbo-loading? There's a reason athletes rely on carbs to make exercise magic.

More info:

It's a good idea to cut out refined carbs, but whole grains and fruit/veggie carbs are important! If the high fat is making you feel bad, listen to your body. Cutting out nutrients aren't the way to sustainable, long-term weight loss. No matter what the diet fad of the week says!

6/11/12 12:17 P

Fats are necessary for the production of all hormones in the body so a fat deficient diet has a negative effect on all body functions. Fats in the diet also control the appetite centre in the brain. Carbohydrates from vegetables are more user friendly when attempting to loss fat that ones from cereals and other grains.Quinoa and millet are higher in protein than any other grains and are versatile allowing you to mix them with a wide variety of other foods. If I have a grain or cereal for breakfast I make it savory and not the traditional sugar and milk sweet.

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6/11/12 11:48 A

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Looks like I just need to give this more time. I realize that the scale isn't the best way to tell, but I was hoping to at least see some drop. I started at 170 and it wavers between 169 and 172 depending on the day. I'll see how it is at the end of the month. I know there's no way I'm not getting in better shape by doing all this, even with a "bad" day on the weekends with friends.

I've tried upping the fats and dropping the carbs, I know tons of people have had results with that and its generally seen as the way to go. But whenever I try eating more fats I just feel sluggish. Right now the majority of my fats are coming from a handful of almonds I use as an afternoon snack, and sometimes I'll cook with olive oil instead of grilling my chicken.

plus I like a quick and easy bowl of cereal in the morning (whole grain stuff with fiber and protein) and brown rice makes such a good side with dinner

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6/11/12 11:46 A

give it some time. You're body needs to get used to the change. It will adapt.

6/11/12 11:38 A

A heart rate monitor will be of little value since they are designed to measure only steady sate exercise and not stop and start exercise. Your macro-nutrient ration is off change it to 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fats, you are consuming too many carbohydrates. At your activity level you need to maintain 1700 calories at a minimum. Lose the scale as an assessment tool use measurements instead, worry about fat loss, percentage of body fat, not weight loss.

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6/11/12 11:37 A

As a male, it's really not a good idea to drop your calories below 1500. Men need more calories than women do, and it's important for you to get enough to support all that activity.

You've only been doing the new routine for a couple of weeks... that right there may be why you haven't lost! When you ramp up or change your routine, your body may hold on to more water as it adjusts to the new level of exercise. It can take 6-8 weeks for major changes to show up on the scale.

The closer you get to your goal, the less you're going to be able to rely on that 1.5 lb loss per week. I think you should continue with your current program, and give your body time to adjust. Undereating won't help you in the long run, and may slow your metabolism and have the opposite effect you want. It's really important to eat ENOUGH to support your activity, while maintaining a healthy deficit.

There are changes being made; you likely are losing fat! Remember that your scale doesn't tell you WHAT you're losing. Just that you are losing some of your mass. That loss can be muscle, fat, or water! and it not moving doesn't mean you're not losing either. I've been on a several months plateau myself (although I've finally broken through it) but I've still been dropping inches... which means that changes were happening! Just not on the scale.

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6/11/12 11:08 A


I suggest that you wear a heart rate monitor to see where your calorie expenditure lies and track your food. Once you have a good idea of how many calories you expend in a week (average the last four weeks) put that number into your program and then your calories can be adjusted by the program for you.

I hope that helps,

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6/11/12 8:29 A

Give it a month. Your body is likely still adjusting to your new routine. Personally, I'd back off the running. Lifting, BJJ and running seems like a bit much to me. 1500 seems awfully low to me for as much as you do. I'd stay at 1700, maybe even more for another few weeks and see what happens. Give it some time.

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6/11/12 8:21 A

Hey all, I've got a question trying to figure out why I haven't lost any weight recently. Maybe there's something I need to change or maybe I just need to give this more time.

So I've gone from 200-170 lbs by cutting my calories back to about 1400 per day and moderate exercise. LIfting weights a few times per week and going for a 3-5 run when I could get the chance. This got me to lose about a pound and a half consistently per week.

Now I moved and found a Brazilian jiu jitsu gym and decided to take my training seriously. Bjj for 2-3 hours MWF. Running 3 miles in the morning and lifting in the evenings Tues and Thurs. And then one more lift and a 5-6 mile run on the weekend. Its a lot of work but I'm loving it.

Problem is, I've been doing this for 2 weeks and I haven't lost a pound. Before any of you say its from more muscle, I haven't been lifting nearly hard enough to actually build muscle, especially wihtout eating more cals. I bumped my intake up to about 1700 cals per day. Even with a bad day eating with friends, I averaged 2,000 calories eaten and 2800 burned per day. Shouldn't I at least see the scale budge here? I still have at least 10 pounds of easy fat to lose. Should I drop my cals back to below 1500 like I was doing before when I was seeing the fat come off, or should I stick to this and hope its just taking my body a little more time to adjust? I gave it some extra calories each day figuring that would help it. about 50/20/30 carbs/fat/protein to anyone who is wondering.

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