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11/22/11 10:28 A

I think it is so much easier to gain than to lose. However, we must all keep trying if we are to maintain that fitness goal.

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11/22/11 10:20 A

Worked out hard, watched food and lost over 8 pounds in Nov. Then carbed out this past weekend, went into a depression, had cupcakes and Chik fil a yesterday, and gained about 4 pounds in just 3 days. Yes, ate lots of pasta, bread, and sugary stuff and didn't work out. But 4 pounds! It scares me because the holiday are starting Thursday. Even just 3 days of little activity and overating/eating high fat, high sugar foods and the weight literally flys back on. Thinking of how hard it was to lose that weight in the first place, I'm not sure what to do to lose it and lose at least 1 this week with Thanksgiving. Also, what to do in a depression, which is why I overate, ate "bad foods", and was sedentary in the first place. Would really, really appreciate advice. I am starting today back to eating low carb and have an exercise class tonight. May even do a short video in a few hours. Mood still not great though.

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