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3/27/12 5:42 P

Many of us here can relate to what you're saying. I've lost the same 20 lbs. over and over and over again. Regained plus some more, then lost again. I'm doing better on SP. I've lost 31 lbs., regained 12, lost 5, regained 2... I know it's my fault, because I stop tracking the food, I stop exercising, then I gain. The best thing about SP is that I've stuck with it. I haven't completely quit. I don't wait until I'm heavier than when I started before I get back at it again.

Please stick with it. It does work, if you work hard at it.

DEE0973 Posts: 1,517
3/27/12 2:13 P

I'm right there with you. I don't travel much, but I've lost the same 6-8 pounds many times over over the last 2-3 years. I believe part of my issue is that I lose, get comfortable with eating b/c Im still active and I'm trying to figure it out myself. The previous comment makes sense and I'll give it a try as well. Thanks for posting the question

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
3/27/12 10:17 A

That is tough, but don't give up! Have you thought about taking a journal or fitness tracker with you on vacation? I'm sure if you enter all that you have eaten and your fitness, you will see where you get off on it. I know vacations are often a time to treat yourself, but if you stay on track, you won't gain the weight and then won't have to worry about losing it again!

SAMMY_J16 Posts: 2
3/26/12 10:39 P

I've never posted here but I'm really frustrated so I thought I would see if anyone had any insight. Im 23, 5"5, normally fairly active. Last feb I was 145 lbs, I ate healthy, calorie restricted to 1400, and exercised more then normal and managed to get down to 130. However, I'm a frequent traveller and every 3-4 months I'll take a month long vacation. When I'm on vacation even though I try to eat healthy and be active on vacation I always come home weighing 140lbs. Then I buckle down and lose it all again. This vicious cycle is really depressing, I feel I've lost the same 10lbs five times in the last year. I can never get past that mark. Each time I come home from a trip im less and less motivated to lose the weight because I know I'll just gain it back.

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