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JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,499
5/13/12 8:40 A

Just wait until ur at ur goal weight and you can actually say "Yes, I know I'm HOT, but you're not." emoticon

That goes back to the story about the old MAN, who told the boy that he'd searched the world over to find the perfect woman, and when he found her, SHE was looking for the perfect man. Thus he never got married. emoticon

BEST-IS-YET2B Posts: 32
5/10/12 5:02 P

I was going to yard sales on sat.The guy holding the yard sale came up and started flirting with me. Now when I say this it has been so loooooong since someone has done something like this to me. I didn't even realize he what he was doing at first. Now I had no interest in him and he probably had none in me but it was a little pick me up. Kinda like when you get carded for anything. It's funny how little things stick with you.

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