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9/10/12 11:07 P

you encourage me. my fiance and i want children, but after trying for so long, we haven't even come close. the reasoning? my diet sucks, and i don't have a regular period, let alone one at all because of my diet. i also have a hormone imbalance that has my estrogen and testosterone levels out of whack.

i also want to be able to fit into my wedding dress next year, i can get into it, but i cant zip it up.

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9/10/12 9:35 P

Hopefully my topic headline has gotten alot of attention. I want it to because I want people's opinion and if there are some medical professionals that cruise through these boards, I'd love to hear from them too! I am indeed trying to lose weight in order to get pregnant. I became pregnant with my first son when I was almost 300lbs. My pregnancy for 8 1/2 months was AWESOME, but then, my blood pressure sky rocketed and bam!, I was preeclamptic (sp?). I had to have a C-section and developed an infection afterwards. Of course, I do NOT want to go through that again with baby #2! So, I've joined my local Aquatic center and I'm starting swimming laps tomorrow. I have 143lbs to lose (amazingly at peace with this doesn't freak me out any more!!), but I'm aiming to lose about half of that before my husband and I start trying to get pregnant. Right now, I'm at 293 and half of 143 is 71, which would put me at 222lbs. Obviously, I will talk with my doctor first to see what she thinks, but I'm interested in what people on here think as well. Please don't judge or issue harsh words. I'm looking for positive language even if you think I shouldn't get pregnant at 222lbs. Thanks in advance everyone!!

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