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4/13/13 8:50 P

Hi Everyone,

I will be 55 on the 23rd of this month April! .. and proud.. ok, until a few days ago.. I was just celebrating the anniversary of my 30th birthday.. over and over again..

But, so happy because I finally broke thru my plateau..

I was so stuck on looking at the scale on a daily basis.. that my personality for the day.. depended on what the scale read. So if my weight went up.. I was in a pissy mood all day.. the scale went down.. I was the happiest girl in the world for a day.

But, I went into depression and went to the doctor and found out , my scale went up and down.. because I'm diabetic.

So I had to do some serious research and learn what , how I can fix me.

I started reading all articles on here.. and realized.. I was paying so much attention to the calories.. I was ignoring carbs..and fats.. if I went over on my fats and carbs.. but didn't on my calories.. I thought that was ok.. but it wasn't .. it is what was holding me back from losing weight.. My BMI.. was 40.

So now.. I make healthier food choices..and truly stick to my guns about it.. I make sure I do eat my three main meals.. and I do snack in between but healthy snacks.. like an apple. and water.

I do workout 4 days a week.. I do zumba and kettlebell . awesome workout by the way. I also do weight lifting.. I have no regrets the next day..I feel so good.. because I know I treated me with respect and love.

My BMI in less then three months.. in fact I think in less then two months.. has gone down to 36.2 .. it has been I think 10 years since I was that low.. I broke my plateau!

So , calories is the last thing I look at.. I now look at my carbs.. fats.. proteins.. my food choices as healthy and if can find it and afford it.. (organic) and water.. water.. water..

55 is not so bad.. as long as I take good care of myself.. *

By the way.. I am a grandmother.. a martial artist and I will continue to study the art of martial arts til I'm 105. :) emoticon

TEMIWUMI Posts: 159
4/13/13 7:38 P

The same for me, some weeks I dont lose anything , then I drop 2lbs. Check the times of day you weigh and be sure you have about the same amount of clothing. Good luck and dont be discouraged.

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4/13/13 10:39 A

Yesterday was food bad. But I tracked every thing. Salt overload. Up 2 this morning and everything is swollen. Lots of water for today. I really hate this feeling and to top it off it didn't even taste that good. Thought I was never getting to sleep but once I did I slept good. Going to get in an extre bike ride.

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
4/12/13 12:27 P

As long as it is not gaining -- happy!

SEWSEWB5 SparkPoints: (3,025)
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4/12/13 10:54 A

That sounds like most of us. up and down and up. I used Curves for about a year untill ours closed . I found it was great for tone- up but I had to start carring hand weights to get any benifit from it. I really liked it for the toning but when they started adding zumba classes at extra charge no one could keep up and most dropped out because you couldn't use machines while the class was going on..

RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
4/11/13 10:32 A

emoticon Hope you are now a "seasoned" veteran of SP... emoticon

JAZZMINE Posts: 1,022
4/23/12 7:41 P

Your body gets used to an exercise routine. Try adding some variety to your workouts.


JEANIJAE3 Posts: 3
4/23/12 7:06 P

I seem to be having issues with my goal of losing a pound a week. I exercise 6 days per week. Curves circuit training monday, wednesday, friday and my exercise bike tues, thurs and saturday. My daily calorie range that Spark People set is 1260-1610 I tend to stick right around 1300. My calories burned differential is never less that 500. The BMR that Spark set is 1864. My long term goal is to lose 50 pounds by February.

HELP what am I doing wrong. My weight will go down a pound or two and then back up a pound or too.

Thanks for you help.



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