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DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
9/27/12 1:35 P

Mrs C - those last few pounds can be quite stubborn, particularly at our age (I'm almost 51). It took me 6 months to lose just a few vanity pounds, and I still think I could stand to trim up the waist/ab area a little more. As someone else already mentioned, some of mine is just loose flab, the result of having kids and gravity. I'm not looking for "bikini-ready" either, just the healthiest me I can be!

I'd say put a really sharp focus on your diet....are you tracking your food here on Spark? If not, that would be a great way to find out exactly what you're eating, where you're falling short on nutrients, and where you could stand to cut back. Using the food tracker taught me a LOT about how and why I eat...quite an eye-opener!

I also found that I saw better results if I make sure my exercise time COUNTS. Phoning it in on the treadmill just won't cut it. I started doing cardio intervals and tried some new ways to elevate my heart rate. I also upped the intensity of my strength training and constantly challenge myself to do better/more/heavier. I finish workouts feeling totally exhausted but smiling from ear to ear because I know I left it all on the gym floor


LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,799
9/27/12 12:23 P

Fat you can diet away.
The excess skin will probably require surgery at your age...

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9/27/12 12:07 P

We're the same height. ;)

For our height the healthy weight range is 105 lbs -135 lbs. Lower if you have a small bone structure and higher if you have a large bone structure. So no, you probably haven't lost too much weight. Maybe it's just a shock to your friends and family because they're not use to seeing you that way.

Chances are that if you're thin everywhere else, any fat loss you experience will come from your core. It's always the last area to go. You may still have a few pounds to lose before you reach your optimal size. You can continue with watching your diet and exercising. Be sure you're strength training as well so that the weight coming off isn't lean body weight.

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9/27/12 10:16 A

If you've still got fat, then you need to keep up the exercise and lower your body fat percentage and eventually it will come off the belly.

9/27/12 9:03 A

I am almost 49 yrs old and my weight as yoyo'd all my adult life. I've recently lost 70 lbs and have kept if off for almost a year, BUT I still have fat on my belly and skin that hasn't shrunk back, and probably never will. My question is Can I get rid of the fat or am I stuck with that as well ?

I'm not worried about wearing a bikini. I'm worried about the fat causing me health problems.
My family thinks I've lost to much weight, but I haven't. My doctor says I'm fine. I'm 5' 2.5" and weight 130 lbs. I weighed 119 when I got married in 1992. My highest weight was 209.

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