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7/21/12 8:31 A

Come up with some "one-liners." Just some one sentence responses to his common remarks. For example, when he offers food, "No thanks, I don't want any." If he's bragging about his weight loss, "Congratulations." You know that his habits aren't going to work for the long run.

Congrads on your success, and especially for keeping a long-term perspective.

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7/21/12 7:22 A

(a) don't listen to his advise
(b) don't offer him yours

You have to work with him; you don't have to be his conscience, nor allow him to be yours.
He's not your parent; he's only your boss (or co-worker). He has no immediate need to be telling you want to eat, nor you, he.

Sorry for being a dose of cold water, but we all have to make choices in life.
While you can be supportive, all you have to do is smile and nod if he starts ranting about his new-found information. You can find facts online, just as well as you can find a pile of rubbish. The trick is finding out what works for you - not following the latest fad, or even what works for others - we all have different metabolism.

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7/21/12 5:39 A

Sorry for my moan, but I'm so fed up :-(

I work as a chef's assistant. I'm helping the main chef in the evenings in the hotel's kitchen. We are surrounded by all kind of food all evening.

I started my weightloss on June 1st last year. In that time I've lost 36 lbs. I still have about 3st to lose but I want to do it steady and healthy.

My problem at the moment is our chef. He annoys me sooo much! He is in constant competition with me. He started his dieting around 5 times already. Everytime he thinks he knows about weightloss. The thing is he has no idea. The first week he says he lost 7lbs. Good for him but I know it's only water - he says no, it's fat. He doesn't have a clue about water retention, the difference between fat and muscle, if you eat salty meal in the evening body will retein water .... and all those silly things. Just because he is the chef it doesn't mean he knows about healthy eating otherwise he wouldn't be 16 st.
I lost almost 36lbs so far and I think I can give a little advice, but he undermines my say all the time.
He offers me chips, burgers and all the rubish food... It drives me crazy! I always say no, because I'm trying to lose weight for myself not for showing off!
Now he put facebook status that he lost 28lbs in 4 weeks and he bought himself a treat to celebrate...

I just feel like such a big baloon at the moment... I'm trying to lose weight for so long... and his stupid remarks really un-motivate me emoticon

Sorry for moaning, I'm just not in good mood emoticon

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