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Is your surgery going to affect your diet?

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spend a little time to look over and think about what you and your family like to eat.

for example,
beef. buy a roast. slice some into strips for stir fry, stroganoff, goulash.
make a double recipe of goulash (the sauce and meat part only). cool and save in 2 freezer zip locs.
make a double recipe of stroganoff (the sauce and meat part only). cool and save in 2 freezer zip locs.
make a double recipe of stir fry (do not cook completely. it will cook when you microwave it later) (meat and veg part only). cool and save in freezer zip locs.
make rice and freeze in 2 family size freezer zip bags. make pasta of your choice for 4 meals and freeze in single meal size freezer zip locs.
lay the bags flat to freeze. this makes it easier to store in the freezer and they will thaw out and cook faster later.
You now have 6 beef meals.
to make them lighter for you or whomever is watching calories, serve your portion of the sauce and meat on pre-washed baby greens or spinach. If on the baby greens or spring mix, it is kind of like a dinner salad. If spinach, put the sauce on top of the spinach and zap in the microwave. the moisture from the sauce will help cook the spinach.

Roast 2 chickens (or buy them ready made)
You will want to remove the bones because reheating chicken with bones can be tricky.
slice as much breast as you need for your family. add canned or homemade gravy. bag in freezer zip bag.
shred enough thighs and legs to mix with barbecue sauce for sandwiches. bag in freezer zip bag.
chop the rest of the meat (you should have some breast and some of the rest left). use half
to make tetrazini. bag in freezer zip.
mix the other half with chopped mixed veggies (frozen, fresh, canned) and add a can of chicken gravy or homemade gravy for chicken a la king. bag in freezer zip.
We use a whole chicken to feed a family of 4 adults.
buy pre-made mashed potatoes (they have a longer shelf life than homemade and you need the rest. it won't hurt anyone to eat commercially prepared food for a while.) this is for the sliced chicken
a bag of soft rolls and corn on the cob (just microwave for 7 minutes husk and hair and all) will go with the barbecue chicken shreds
prepare enough pasta for your family and bag to freeze for the tetrazini
serve the chicken a la king over toast.
use the carcases and veggie bits to make chicken broth. add a handful of chopped chicken, chopped carrots, chopped celery, chopped onions, any other veggie you like, and a handful of noodles. freeze in 1 1/2 cup portions for a comfort meal
with 2 chickens, this makes 8 chicken meals plus chicken soup.

ground beef or mix of ground beef and ground poultry
make a double pot of chili. freeze in zip bags for your family. freeze an individual serving for you and serve yours over salad mix for a taco salad.
make a double pot of spaghetti sauce. freeze enough for spaghetti in a zip bag. make pasta for your family and freeze in zip bag. make spaghetti squash for yourself and freeze in individual portions. mix some into cooked penne, freezer zip bag. serve yourself about a cup, eat a lot of salad greens on the side. Top with some parmesan when reheating.
make meatballs (no bigger than a ping pong ball. smaller is better). lightly bake or fry. freeze on cookie sheet before bagging. serve on a hoagie roll with a bit of spaghetti sauce and a slice of provolone for your family. serve yours with super thin slice of provolone on spaghetti squash.
brown with chopped onions, bell peppers. add taco seasoning and freeze for taco salads. or tacos. mix some with refried beans (I just drain a can of beans and grind them up). use to stuff burritos. your taco salad is just the salad part with ground topping. your taco is made with lettuce (kind of like a thai beef wrap). your burrito is wrapped in lettuce or one of the new looooow calorie, high fiber burrito wraps.
I would use 8 pounds and have at least 8 meals. maybe 10 or 11.

That is about 25 meals, plus the meals that your family will do by picking up a bucket of fried chicken or pizza. You can have chicken soup if you don't want to partake.

You should be up and about at that point. You can always tape the instructions on each bag if your family is going to heat these meals for themselves or for you. Good luck!

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I am having major surgery in a couple weeks. I have only been sparking for a month and want to make sure I can continue eating healthy nutritious meals during my recovery. Can you share your favorite recipe to freeze? I have egg, nut and mushroom allergies in my family, so it would need to be recipes that didn't use those ingredients or ones that the ingredients can be replaced or omitted.

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