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JIMENEZT81 Posts: 22
2/24/11 2:03 P

Congrats! Yes, we have plenty of time, but things seem to sneak up on me quite a lot so I decided to hit the ground running from the beginning. We're planning a 150-175person wedding and I have my reception hall, booked dj, booked videographer (he's doing our movie trailer save the dates cause we're both movie LOVERS), and left deposit for dress. Next month I would like to have the photographer done too.

I look at it this way....I will know EXACTLY the money that will be needed, and will have plenty of time to save and distribute as needed with no surprises.
Also, I figure all kinks can be worked out in the early stages, so bridezilla won't have to make an appearance. emoticon

P.S. July 28, 2012 is our date! lol Sorry, got all excited....

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2/23/11 6:08 P

Let me say it is so nice seeing other brides to be planning in advance! I too have gotten several comments about it being too soon, but I couldn't disagree more! I'm a college senior, so I have school as my number one priority at the moment. Plus everyone I know who's gotten married recently says I'm doing good by starting early...they wish they'd given themselves more time!

I am planning my wedding for April 21, 2012! It will be a simple, small wedding. We are inviting less than a hundred to make it more intimate, which is what we want. We also like the smaller wedding, bigger honeymoon idea. Our honeymoon budget is almost as much as our entire wedding budget! ($5,000).

Since it is in the spring, I'm adding lots of floral and spring-y elements. My colors are light pink and light yellow with some green and white thrown in.

We booked the reception venue and caterer right away, along with making a rough guest list. SO much depends on the size of your, number of tables/centerpieces, number of invites, number of favors, etc. Our next expenses will be the deposits for the DJ and florist, as well as paying a photo-savvy friend to do engagement pics next month.

Good luck ladies!

TIREDOFME21 Posts: 1,663
2/23/11 10:22 A

Well, it looks like June and August are going to be busy months. But so far I am the only one with March 24, 2012 as my date. Any one is Houston needing help, I can offer whatever you need. I have 3 cousins and 2 friends all getting married between June and September. So I know everything now.

SPARKYSERRANO SparkPoints: (0)
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2/16/11 8:11 P

Congratulations on your impending nuptials! That date happens to be my oldest son's 21st birthday, so it's definitely a lucky one, lol. My favorite color is purple too, so whenever i get going on this and pull it off, that'll definitely be one of the colors. i guess ours would have to be sometime in 2010 since i haven't even gotten started yet. of course this is a second wedding for both of us, so nothing about it'll be traditional. Good luck with everything- getting married is the BEST reason/goal i can imagine, for getting fit and fabulous!

FUTUREMRSMANN SparkPoints: (0)
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2/16/11 2:34 P

It's great to see so many other June '12 weddings being planned! Mine is set for 6/30/12 and I am sooo excited! So far I've picked purple as one of my colors (David's Bridal Sangria, to be exact) and I'm not sure about the accents yet. We already have our venue picked out, and we're hoping to keep the guest list to 75-100, mostly to keep costs down. I have found a dress that I love, but I'm waiting until I'm thinner to try it on- there's a pic of it on my page. I LOVE it!!

And for all the brides, good luck on achieving your goals- both in fitness and in wedding planning! emoticon

SMACKINSON SparkPoints: (0)
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2/15/11 9:31 P

I am new to spark and hope this will work properly. My fiance and I got engaged on Christmas of 2010. We are planning a Winter Wonderland wedding on January 14, 2012. We will have snowflakes everywhere. Most of which will be stained glass. Also we are not using flowers in our bouquets. We are doing the icy garland looking things and adding white rice lights and anything that looks wintery. I am getting so excited and am amazed at how fast the time has already went this year while we have been planning. Having over a year to prepare sounds like a long time but it really isnt. Congrats to all the recent engagements. Have fun with the planning.

2/13/11 11:40 P

i am having a wedding march 16th 2012, it really does seem so far away but it truly is only a little bit away exactly 395 days for me, that makes it seem soooooo close..congrats to everyone who is getting married next years, emoticon emoticon

LOOKING-4-ME Posts: 270
2/13/11 2:11 A

It is so awesome to see so many of you planned in 2012. Truthfully it sets my heart at ease quite a bit. I was hoping that we could move it up to this year but in reality it gives up both time to safetly lose the weight and save money so we can plan the wedding and the honeymoon. Only one thing could possibly cause us to move it up and we will hopefully know that in a couple of months.

We haven't planned anything other than the date so far. Going to probably do short planning after we get our tax check next year. Our date is set for June 21, 2012. I am so excited. I have friends that have had something to do with the wedding industry, one worked at David's Bridal and absolutly loves weddings. I found out another used to plan weddings. So it will be all us other than friends planning.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. emoticon

SHELLYG915 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/11/11 12:32 P

Hello fellow 2012 brides!! emoticon

My fiance and I were engaged in the spring of 2009 and have set our wedding date for Sept. 15, 2012! Just booked the venue 2 weeks ago ~ it's on the eastern shore of Maryland and should be gorgeous! Going with the whole fall theme & doing the ceremony outdoors right on the water. Slowly putting the pieces of the wedding together!

I'm also going to be a bridesmaid in my dear friend Megan's wedding in April 2012 & we are doing round #1 of dress shopping tomorrow! Sorry to say I'm dreading it because my body is SO not where I want it to be! emoticon

ARENDIVA Posts: 263
2/10/11 7:02 P

I'm not actually engaged yet. emoticon But my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 and a half years. We talk about marriage and our future very frankly and lately he's been asking me about my ring preferences. I expect to be enaged soon. I have always dreamed of a fall wedding. My first date anniversary is October 4th. I already know which venue I would want to use and they have an annual first saturday of October event so I'm thinking I'll have to have my wedding September 29th because I would like it to be as close to our current anniversary as possible. I want an outdoor ceremony. And a fall themed reception with pumpkin centerpieces and red bridesmaaid dresses. Obviously none of this is even remotely set in stone. I'm not even engaged yet and obviously my boyfriend would have some input in the wedding planning. But that's just the wedding I'm imagining... sigh. He needs to propose already. I want to start planning.

ANGELWINGS9753 Posts: 22
2/10/11 2:51 P

I am getting married 6/16/2012 and it seems so far away! we have been engaged for 8 months now and i have a friend who got engaged a month ago as she is getting married this coming august... I'm so jealous that she has already bought her dress and sent out her save the dates and while i have so much planned i really can't do anything major because it is still so far away. :(
It's frustrating but i know that it will be worth it because we have more time to plan and more time to pay for it, and more time to SHOP!

STEPHRIBS SparkPoints: (0)
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2/1/11 12:43 P

My Fiancé and I just got engaged on Christmas day! We are planning out wedding for Nov. 4 of 2012 which is the day we met 9 years ago. We are planning to get married in Florida on a Beach. I have a lot of planning to do so we know how much money we need to save. Especially since my Fiancé is unemployed. Trying to loose weight so I will be proud of how i look in our pictures. My Fiancé is also doing the same.

SHORTIE85 Posts: 5
1/31/11 10:52 P

I am getting married May 5, 2012. I am almost done booking all the big stuff. All I have left is my photographer. Then its all the other minor details. I already bought my dress and unfortunately doesn't fit. The perk is that I have time to lose the weight so it will.


WELSH_GAL Posts: 1
1/31/11 5:17 P

Getting married on the 4/8/12 nice easy date to remember, lol. Best of luck to all with the planning and weight loss. Xxx

JULESWCU Posts: 22
1/16/11 10:33 A

Oh my gosh! I was thinking 4/14/12 too! It is a few days within our first date anniversary. I am indecisive though b/c I feel like it is so far away and I've waited so long to get married (I'm 33). Then I think of Nov or Dec 2011, but I panic about weight loss and having the money. We are both unemployed and want to pay for some of it and need to save for a honeymoon. Seeing so many others talk about 2012 dates helps put my mind at ease about it. Thanks everyone!

KEEKOLEE414 Posts: 239
1/13/11 6:44 P

Oops, I should have been more specific. My birthday is on Pieces and LISA_GEE's wedding day (April 14). My wedding is booked for October 13, 2012. I'd like to incorporate pumpkins somehow (especially because of how we got engaged... he carved it during our own little carving contest between the two of us...) but if I don't it's OK.

Have you picked your colors, venues and all the other good stuff yet?

Good luck with all of the planning!

1/13/11 12:32 P

Hey KEEKOLEE your birthday is my great grandmothers birthday and also the day we are getting married! Last year it seemed like nothing was going to get done when I was planning and this year it seems to be falling together nicely.

My mom and I are doing a lot of it ourselves. Like programs, centerpieces, menus etc. The centerpieces might be costly though so hopefully I can get them during a sale at hobby lobby. Of course the centerpieces I want are pumpkins and sell very quickly. So I may have to suck it up and spend some dough on them no matter the cost.

JENNY9784 Posts: 1,068
1/12/11 7:15 P

Hey there! I just got engaged a few weeks ago and my fiance and I are thinking June 30, 2012. It's not set in stone yet. I'm a teacher so summer is the easiest for me, then I can enjoy the rest of the summer with my new hubby! :) We don't really have anything planned at all, except we know we want to get married in VT, where I live. :) I'm SOOO excited!

KEEKOLEE414 Posts: 239
1/12/11 7:05 P

You're getting married on my birthday!

My fiance and I have booked our venue for October 13, 2012. We can't wait. We have some time before we really start planning but sometime soon one of us has to look for a job and move. He's still in school and living about 2 hours from where I live. We're not sure where we're going to end up yet but we wanted to find a venue somewhere in the middle so it's convenient for both families. We're inviting about 150 people and our parents are helping which is a huge relief (other wise it would be JOP for me LOL).

Good luck to everyone!!

1/11/11 2:21 A

Hey Pieces, I'm getting married on April 14th too! That's the weekend before our first-date anniversary, so my fiance and I thought it would be cute for the days to coincide (somewhat).

Right now I'm in a frenzy to start exploring options, but no big decisions yet because I still have time. It'll likely be a semi-big wedding (100 guests, maybe), but that could change quickly since we have a pretty skimpy budget of about $5k. That's assuming that we're paying for it all ourselves. If our parents decide to chip in that would be SWEET, but I'll let that be their decision.

So excited!!!

1/10/11 8:27 P

HA HA! You sound like me! I got engaged this past December and I've changed my mind a half a dozen times.

Tracking the leaves would totally be something I would do. I'm getting married September 22, 2012. We are big boaters and we figured everyone would still have their summer tans for our outdoor wedding AND September is towards the end of the boating season and doesn't fall among the midst of all the summer activities.

1/10/11 8:22 P

Our date is Oct 13, 2012. We got engaged in Dec 2009 and I have always wanted an Oct wedding but the following Oct was too soon. So we had planned on 2011 but then I thought why not move it out another year and have more time to plan. Part of it is because I'm indecisive about flowers etc. I'm also very picky about where to have the ceremony and reception. Its going to be outdoors with all fall colors. About the only thing I have not changed my mind about is the color scheme, the month, and that I want an outdoor wedding lol. Things are finally coming together though. I'm so controlling about all the wedding details that this last Oct I tracked every single day and marked it on my calendar to see which day was the best day for the changing leaves and weather. My fiance thought I was nuts lol.

SUGAREE_1202 Posts: 90
1/6/11 9:29 P

I can only imagine the problems those sites have created for brides and prom girls. I saw some pictures from sites that look legit and the dresses are horrible - uneven hem/bust line, seams falling apart, no lace on lace dresses, dresses more than a foot longer or shorter than it was supposed to be. Refunds are impossible to get and a lot of people don't even get their dress that they ordered 6 months or more in advance.

Very cool centerpiece idea! We want to use the plant that looks like bare tree branches and decorate it with flowers, tulle, crystals.....not exactly sure yet. I'm not sure what the plants are called but we saw them on "My Fair Wedding" (don't tell anyone that my fiance watches it, he'd be so embarrassed) and it looked beautiful and original.

I already found a few local stores that carry the same dresses as romatic gowns but for 3 times as much and I might just make a roadtrip across the state to visit their store. I'm not even trying on dresses until lose at least 20 pounds but know I want a strapless gown with a corset top and big, long, flowing skirt.

I'm so excited about getting married even though it's 18 months away. We've been together 8 years and have 2 children together so it's been a very long wait already!

1/6/11 7:15 P

I fell in love with a dress at one of the bridal shops where I live. I asked the gal to write it down for me because I wasn't ready to try in on yet. She told me the designer was going "unadvertised" and she couldn't give me the name of it. This is what some of the designers are doing to protect themselves from the Chinese reproductions. So don't be surprised if the shop won't give you the designer or the style number of the dress.

She did make a record of it so when I go back she knows which one I want.

She said they ran into BIG problems with the prom girls this past year due to that. Lots of them weren't getting their dresses on time and many of them were very poor quality. They were scrambling to fit prom girls with dresses that hadn't gotten them yet the Friday before prom!!

Also, I'm making these photos centerpieces for my wedding. I LOVE photographs and think they will look great!

Feel free to steal it!

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SUGAREE_1202 Posts: 90
1/6/11 6:28 P

We're getting married June 3, 2012. It's a semi-destination wedding since we live in PA and are getting married on the beach in NJ. We have the venue booked where both the ceremony and reception will be. I'm not using a planner since the venue is doing most of the work and provides a coordinator. We just have to figure out photos, flowers, entertainment and decorations.

We have already chosen a wedding party and colors (Purple with sand and olive green accents) but I'm so lost on a theme and don't want to do a beach-themed wedding.

I found some great sites out there for planning if anyone is interested:
It's through David's Bridal and provides a free, password protected wedding website with event info, registry links and online RSVP, tons of planning/budgeting tools, lots of info, and easy import/export of addressess

Multicolor Search Lab (use google to find the http://)
Awesome site for choosing wedding colors, you pick colors and it generates a collage of pics with just those colors in it
Very affordable (most under $800), beautiful wedding dresses. I found lots great reviews for this site, they are in the US and have retail stores in Ohio and Texas.

Be careful if you're looking for a dress online. I was looking for reviews of online dress vendors and found several that offered this same warning and wanted to pass it along to other brides-to-be. Lots of China-based companies advertise beautiful, cheap dresses but are scams. They advertise their dresses as "custom-made" b/c they are actually re-creating a dress like the one pictured on the site. That in itself isn't an issue but most companies don't use the same fabrics, create poor quality dresses (if they even send the dress) and have terrible reviews and horror stories all over wedding message boards.

Congrats to everyone who is planning their wedding!

JENNA617 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/6/11 7:44 A

I get that too. The reason we have to wait is because my fiance's brother is getting married in May 2012, so we can't very well get married before him, I'm starting Grad School in 2 weeks so that's where most of my focus will be, and because neither of us has money right now lol. I'm with you, this will give us time to save and plan!

1/5/11 8:25 P

September 22, 2012 here!! I'm glad I'm not the only one. People keep asking me why we planned it so far ahead. This Fall was WAY too soon. I want to do majority of it myself so I will need lots of time. Plus we need time to figure out our finances. HAPPY PLANNING!

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ANSKAGGS SparkPoints: (0)
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1/5/11 7:18 P

We're planning for a 2012 wedding. Originally we were planning September, but now we're thinking of going for a destination wedding instead, so that might push things into November in hopes of being in the end of hurricane season. We're just thinking of the budget and location right now, no real planning yet.

BEXLUV Posts: 71
1/5/11 3:39 P

We're getting married March 31st 2012... Got a lot of it booked already - just trying to work out what we can afford. My mother is insisting on many things that I woudn't necessarily choose, and will cost me a lot of money, as we are paying for the majority (somehow - seems that every month the money disappears on other stuff!). But that's plenty of time to save right?! lol...

JENNA617 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/5/11 9:22 A

I just got engaged also and we're planning to get married in Dec 2012. We're going to a bridal showcase in a couple weeks to see the venue and get some pricing so we can make a budget. I'm excited, but don't know what else, if anything, I should be planning right now lol:-)

1/4/11 11:48 P

We are planning an August 12 2012 wedding. Im doing all the planning myself. We know where we want to get married just hafta book it and im looking into flowers now.

KISS1978 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/3/11 5:48 P

I am planning a wedding for 2/6/12. I have done nothing. hehehe

KISS1978 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 5
1/3/11 5:48 P

I am planning a wedding for 2/6/12. I have done nothing. hehehe

1/2/11 2:19 P

We are planning a November 2012 wedding - much to my mother's chagrin - which gives us lots of time to plan and save money. I'm a full-time worker and college student so stretching out the planning process is essential. Plus, this gives me time to shed some weight and feel better in a wedding dress :)

We're paying for almost all of it ourselves so there will be a lot of DIY (we've already designed our Save the Dates). Our "theme" is trees and recycled paper mixed with a rustic/vintage feel. Hehe, it's early still so we haven't found a better description. However, the planning is (so far, fingers crossed) going much more easily than I imagined. I hope I can spread it out a bit more so the next year and a half doesn't feel like snail's pace..

Congrats to all of you newly engaged!

KRUMARY2B Posts: 2
1/2/11 3:26 A

Hi,I am hoping to get married in August 2012.I already have my dress and shoes and bm dress.Got lots of other bits.Just want to get fit and healthy and have the dress let me sit down in it!lol X

LINDSAYB2217 Posts: 33
12/31/10 9:03 P

we just set our date for June 24th 2012 also!! I'm sooo excited and DYING to start dress shopping!! We already have the place booked, we've asked the friend who will be marrying us, asked the people and i've started shopping for centerpieces!

BETTYZHUO SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 29
12/31/10 12:59 A

Thanks a lot.

INKEDKITTEN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 9
12/28/10 9:13 A

I am planning a wedding October 31, 2011. We have a decent budget, and plan on no honeymoon. As an engagement/xmas gift his mother got us Skydiving and zipline repelling trips. She either hopes I die on the trip or is warming up to me.... lol

BETTYZHUO SparkPoints: (0)
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12/28/10 2:55 A

Happy holidays!

BETTYZHUO SparkPoints: (0)
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12/27/10 1:04 A

Thanks a lot for the was very useful....

BETTYZHUO SparkPoints: (0)
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12/27/10 1:04 A

LOOKING-4-ME Posts: 270
12/25/10 12:25 P

Wow that is an amazing budget. Mine is like a 4th or 5th of that. LOL. We are more interested in a nice honeymoon than a really big wedding. Expenses as well. (We have 5 kids combined)

Congrats to all of you. Looking forward to chatting with you as the months go by. I think I found the dress I want, but time will tell if will still be available. :)

MANDARYANE SparkPoints: (0)
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12/9/10 3:54 P

Oh 2012 weddings! I am so excited, no one seems to chit chat about these things since they think they are so far away!

I am a 2012 bride myself, got engaged 2 months ago today! We are going for July 7th, 2012.

It will be a traditional Catholic wedding, I have 7(trying to talk the fiance into 8) bridesmaids - asking them on Christmas. My colors are black & gold, it's a Pittburgh themed wedding in Virginia! It's all going to be DIY for me - 20-25K budget (I hope, on my own - my parents won't help). I am super excited.

Bless all you "to-be's" in 2012, I hope it's the most magical day of your lives.

P.S. THE KNOT is amazing - it is teaching me everything I need to know!

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LOOKING-4-ME Posts: 270
12/4/10 2:06 P

I am not really sure where to begin myself. I have actually been married before, but this feels like the first "REAL" marriage. We cannot have children together and it is all about things that we agree on with each other, activities, kids, etc. My other weddings were quick and as cheap as possible. I would venture to say. Less than 1000 bucks total.

But, I want a real wedding with a real reception. Does that make sense? But then the idea of spending so much money one day seems not to be a good idea as well. What about our other dreams and aspirations. He doesn't care what we do, he is leaving it up to me. He has the same reservations about spending the money as I do, but will do whatever my heart desires. (He is awesome) The thing we do know for sure is that we are going on a honey moon. We are kicking around going on a cruise or an all inclusive resort. We have lots of time to go.

I have also been on and I just got some books from the library trying to collect ideas. We will get the hard core planning going next year after saving some funds and tax check.

Is anyone else waiting or do you have your money set aside already?

LAURAGUY12 Posts: 594
12/2/10 7:35 P

I'm planning my April 14 (2012) wedding! We are planning a winery wedding with less than 100 people. I'm going for a rustic/vintage inspired theme with birds thrown into the mix. My colors are green, yellow and purple.

Next year will fly!

11/30/10 11:33 A

June 9th 2012! I was having a blast planning my 200+ guest wedding until my soon-to-be husband kind of threw out there he didn't want a traditional-big wedding but wants a destination wedding instead! :( so now my plans have kind of been thrown off a little & I'm thankful we've got 556 days to re-group lol! However if we do go the destination route we'll still have a reception when we return-that's the compromise. Congrats & Good Luck to you guys!


ERIATARKA2383 Posts: 21
11/28/10 8:10 P

I am planning my wedding for June 24th 2012! A couple days after you!! I am definitely excited, but also very very nervous. I plan on doing a contemporary wedding following some traditional themes. Its not going to be a really big wedding, my bridal party may only be 2 to 3 girls tops! At this point, I am planning my wedding by myself, I'm afraid if I used a wedding planner it may be a little out of my budget. Although, maybe it will help me a bit as I am so confused on the whole process. I never really did dream of a wedding before, so now that I find myself in a position where I am engaged and I really want a wedding I don't know where to begin. It may be a little early right now anyway. I have been using the knot, I find that to be really really helpful. How about yourself?

LOOKING-4-ME Posts: 270
11/28/10 3:34 P

That seems like very different styles. They have alot to figure out. I don't even know where to begin

VIUDANEGRA Posts: 1,056
11/27/10 11:34 P

my daughter is getting married she has been planing the wedding for the past year He wants German style my daugher mexican-american I just listen and keep my mouth shut

LOOKING-4-ME Posts: 270
11/26/10 10:41 P

Is anyone else planning a wedding for 2012? We are planning ours for June 21,2012.

I am so excited. It seems so far away, yet so close. What type of wedding are you doing? Are you planning yourself or using a wedding planner? Please add any other questions. :)

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