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10/23/12 5:58 P

I like to load my chili with chopped vegetables, it is one way to get fussy kids to eat their veggies. I always add chopped cauliflower, chopped broccoli, corn and green beans.

Also, the longer you let chili cook, the better it tastes.

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10/20/12 9:32 P

Here is my super easy, super delicious, super low calorie high fiber chili. Had it for dinner tonight. Even meat-loving hubby likes this meat-free one.

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10/20/12 6:05 P

I like chili but I'm not a huge fan of beans. Just don't care for the taste or texture of them! When I make chili I've started adding a chopped up potato to beef it up a little bit.

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10/19/12 7:41 A

This one is really good. Loaded with protein and fiber. This makes 6 real life servings, so don't be afraid of the highish calories if you're used to eating small meals. Could easily be for 12. And play with the amount of spice added for your heat preference. This, as is, is middle of the road.

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10/14/12 8:16 A

and did I say healthy?!

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