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10/26/12 12:13 A

Thanks Kylar. I love cheesecake.

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10/25/12 11:20 P

I'll agree that the best thing is fresh fruit. I used to have a problem with ice cream, and then i discovered frozen bananas. The cold makes them even sweeter and they have the texture of icecream in your mouth. So good, it truly is a desert.

And if you want something really sweet that's under 200 cals a slice and 20g protein, I just made this cheesecake. Picture is mine. Its a great cheat desert, especially after a workout

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10/25/12 10:09 P

I work late nights from home too. A couple of my favorite snacks are mandarin oranges, caramel flavored rice cakes and Market Pantry chocolate peanut butter protein bars. I try to be sure to budget some calories for late night so I can have my snack without going over my numbers.


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10/25/12 12:14 P

Sugar free Jello with fruit added or sugar free pudding works for me!

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10/25/12 11:29 A

For a sweet tooth, i make a peice of whole wheat toast and put nutella on it....its enough of a chocolaty taste that it kills the sweet tooth....and healthy enough to where i dont feel tooo guilty. :-) as long as your not allergic to hazelnuts...or cocoa. :-)

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10/25/12 10:03 A

Love these ideas. Thanks!

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10/25/12 9:38 A

I love Greek yogurt. I've never tried it walnuts. Sounds really good. Thanks!

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10/25/12 9:35 A

Thanks Michelle. Unfortunately after 50 years I could never just quit eating sweet. I'm finding some of the suggestions on what others are eating very helpful. I've already been cutting Instead of 2 cookies, I'll just eat one. And I've gone down to eating sweets just once a day as opposed to twice.

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10/25/12 3:44 A

Sweet treat- Greek Yogurt with honey and walnuts.......Yummy! It's my favorite. Unfortunately you're looking at about 200 calories (I buy the full fat yogurt), but it's healthy and filling so if you can budget for a bowl late at night it'll hold you til morning.

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10/25/12 2:52 A

When overcoming "sweet tooth", I've found most people have difficulty with portion control once they start eating sweets. Those people tend to do best when they abstain from sweets and replace them with healthy sources of the amino acid Tryptophan (such as egg whites, fish, turkey, cheese).

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10/23/12 4:49 A


My go-to treats are:

Green grapes
Hunts pudding
40 cal fudge bars
110 cal choc chip granola bars

And. If morning but chocolate
Ate will do, I buy fun size M&M candy at about 100 CALS per pack.

The fudge bars.and grapes are my favorites, though strawberries and bananas are on the list, I don't eat them fast enough not to waste them.

Also buy Yoplait Light in various favors ( or generic when money is tight. Wal,art brand isn't bad)

Around here, grapes are almost always 1.88 per pound, and strawberries are no more than &2.50.

For me, I can't make foods off limits, or I stop losing, so I weigh and measure everything.

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10/22/12 12:09 P

To satisfy my sweet tooth I might:
Chew surgarless gum
Eat a sweet and sour pickle
Suck on a sugarless candy
Eat two dates or prunes, or figs, or dried apricots
Suck on a small piece of 70% chocolate (I only do this at night after I'm done eating for the day, so I stop after the one piece and don't get tempted to go back and have more.)

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10/22/12 11:24 A

That sounds really good. I'll have to try that. Thanks.

10/22/12 11:06 A

I may be a little late responding I am new here. On I found a recipe for a treat that is almost as good as ice cream. You cut bananas into small slices, freeze them. Then put them in a blender with cocoa powder. Nothing else, just the cocoa powder and you blend it. At first it looks kinda grainy, keep blending! It will have the consistency of ice cream and is surprisingly good!

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10/21/12 8:13 P

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the support. I'm going to try the suggestions. I also need to try to get more involved with the site.

10/20/12 11:14 P

For some healthier desert options, try dark chocolate or fat-free sorbet. All in moderation. Make sure you measure your portion and track it before you eat it.

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10/20/12 10:25 P

its true fresh fruit really does help with the sugar cravings. i have a bad sweet tooth to and i swear by the fruit it really does help. still i treat my self once or twice a week with one pack of thinsations oreos. its only 100 cal per pack, it doesnt take the place of a good juicy fresh fruit but its nice every now and again

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10/20/12 7:00 P

Are you getting enough protein and fiber throughout the day to keep blood sugars steady to prevent cravings? Healthy fats and vitamin C will also help to keep blood sugar levels steady.
I think it is just as important that each person move at least 60minutes/day.

Good snacks:
greek yogurt
chicken wings
salmon/tuna packet
raw veggies with dip
celery with all natural nut butter
string cheese
raw fresh strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe, apple with skin, pear with skin
hardboiled egg whites filled with spinach
green smoothie

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10/20/12 6:38 P

Thanks! I'll go read the articles. Living in the northeast, there isn't too much fresh fruit here any more. Grapes and bananas are probably the only fruits really available that are still of good quality. I'll try your suggestions, though.

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10/20/12 3:44 P


Breaking a sugar addiction isn't an easy thing. Have you read any of the great Spark articles on breaking a sugar addition ? If not, you might want to read these. You'll find the information extremely helpful.

One thing I would recommend is trying to eat more fresh fruit whenever you feel an urge for a snack. The natural sweetness of the fruit will help decrease some of the cravings you have for sugary treats. Also, fresh fruit and veggies are loaded with fiber. Eating more foods that are high in fiber will help keep you full for longer. That in turn will also keep you from snacking later.

So, if you want to decrease your cravings for sugar as well as decrease your weight, do your best to eat 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies each and every day. That really will make a difference.

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10/20/12 3:32 P

I have a sweet tooth and try to eat them in moderation. I had lost 17 pounds and gained almost 9 back. I'm very frusrated. Are there any good "snacks" out there that will satisfy my sweet tooth that aren't extremely bad for me. I also work very late into the early morning hours a lot (I work from home) and I find that I eat the most then. Thanks!

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