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I have some intolerance to dairy and these tips were very helpful. Thanks!

2/1/13 10:57 P

Use olive oil or lard. I like the taste of olive oil on/in things like baked squash, fried eggs, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, and pasta. Lard is what vegetable shortening is a substitute for. Most recipes that use butter can easily substitute shortening (add a little less liquid to the recipe) and lard and vegetable shortening (Crisco) should be interchangeable in most recipes.

Generic "vegetable oil" is mostly soy but canola, olive, and safflower oil (among others) will be safe. Some margarine will actually specifiy the type of oils and some of these won't have soy. Y

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3/1/12 12:40 P


Earth Balance does have a natural buttery spread that is SOY FREE. You can put this on any food you eat, bake with it, and if necessary, freeze w/o it changing texture or taste.

It can be difficult to find. Walmart has it so far. Here in Wisconsin, Woodman's dropped it, but they are also dropping a lot of things ( not just food items ) in their stores. Health food stores also carry it here & there, but it is also more expensive at these stores.

The Internet is the place to go for dairy-free & soy-free recipes. Just make sure that you use both terms in the search box when looking for the recipes. Another way is to take a look at vegan recipes. Not all of them have soy in them.

Hope this helps.

9/6/11 8:14 P

above is a link to some gluten, dairy, & soy free foods I've recreated (there might be one or two that are grouped in with the pics that might have dairy...I need to go clean out that album) but if you are looking for a specific recipe that I've done just let me know. I've moved and got so behind on posting recipes with the pics. My best so far is the coconut milk cheese that is great for pizza, mac & cheese, alfredo etc.

If you're looking for a substitute for butter, I use Spectrum buttery flavor organic shortening with a little salt added..but just a little bit goes a long way, no soy, it's palm oil based..amazing stuff to bake with though.

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I am not for sure but I think Earth Balance makes a dairy and soy free butter. Check though the ingredients to make sure. I would think a Trader Joes or Whole Foods would have a butter though. You could also use olive oil which would also give healthy omega 3. Use almond or rice milk instead of soy or dairy. They have cheese and yogurt in this form too

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7/22/11 2:29 P

Hi, I'm a nursing mom and my daughter has developed some food sensitivities and to continue nursing must cut out all dairy and soy. I'm discovering that there is soy in almost everything prepackaged. Can anyone help me out in how to make alternatives (like almond, rice or coconut milk) substitutions into recipes? Is there any dairy/soy-free substitution for butter or margarine? Any help would be appreciated.

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