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6/11/12 4:03 P

I am only home alone for a week or two a year but that is when I do the BEST with my diet!

Step 1 - Only good, healthy food in the house. I am far too lazy to go out and get bad foods once I am home for the night.

Step 2 - Eat things I wouldn't eat with company. Oatmeal for dinner, tomatoes with mozzerella for lunch, smoothie for breakfast. Normally I would make meals...not when home alone!

Step 3 - Embarassing exercise videos! I would never work out at home when my boyfriend is there...but when he is gone I bust out the trusty stepper/yoga mat/free weights and go to town!

This is a great opportunity to shake up your routine! Have fun!

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6/11/12 8:26 A

Lots of great ideas.
While I don't live alone, I can relate.
Now that we are "empty nesters", too; it's completely different than being responsible for others. Now we're just responsible for our pets.

How about volunteering to walk a dog from the SCPA? They need it, and would appreciate it - plus you'd get the exercise, and meet other like-minded individuals (of course, if you're allergic, you'll have to substitute SPCA with some other volunteer agency - like perhaps the Y)

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6/5/12 3:58 P

It does help! I have a few leads on volunteer work actually. One is in the local botanic gardens so that should be fun and active. I think you are right: the key is to just get out of the house.

Playing tourist is a good idea too. I'm waiting for that first paycheck, but once I have it I can take the train to new places over the weekend (I'm not QUITE ready to drive on the other side of the road yet :) ). I had forgotten about that. Maybe I should start planning my first trip!

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6/5/12 2:32 P

I'm an empty nester. If you don't have day to day responsibilities for anyone but yourself, it is actually easier to do SP. Here are some ideas:

1. Do three things this week that will put you around other people. Volunteer work, walking around the neighborhood, dining alone at a cafe. Talk to everyone you meet.
2. Find a new hobby or sport that interests you. Photography, gardening, painting, cycling, etc.
3. Play tourist. Drive to a nearby town and check out their local attractions.

Hope this helps.

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6/5/12 2:03 P

For work reasons my fella and I are going to be living apart (like ocean between us apart) for at least a year. This was my first week in a new country alone and I feel things slipping. Not that I am falling back into old habits so much (well maybe a little, but it isn't so bad), but I find myself eating near the top of my caloric range and even getting near my BMR. It is like I am eating for weight maintenance but I still have 10 or 15 more pounds to go. I am fine while I am at work, but coming home to an empty apartment, having no friends in town to do things with, I find myself either reading alone or watching a film and eating more than I planned.

My boyfriend was really my rock in all of this. He is such a helper and the thought of him seeing me cheat on my plan kept me in line for months and months. Now he isn't here.

So, all the ladies who live on their own, what do you do to distract yourself? My one plan is to go out for a jog when I get like this but that is on hold for a while (jogging injury on Saturday: faceplant with face and hand scrapes!). How do you keep moving forward when your head cheerleader is not longer on campus, so to speak?

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