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1/6/12 7:29 P

We play the radio in our house. It is good for children's artistic development to be exposed to a variety of musical genres, without the mind numbing TV junk.

We have a large TV in the basement...that I don't know how to turn on, so even if my son wanted to watch...too bad.

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1/6/12 6:40 P

The tv gets shut off when its bedtime other than that its always on or at least capable of being turned on. Our kids do watch tv yes but most of the time you walk in on them and there playing with their toys or doing other things rather than actually watching tv. We also don't have cable we just use netflix so we don't have to worry that they'll run into something they shouldn't watch because they have to choose what their watching.

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1/5/12 12:10 P

Our TV is NEVER cut off. Ever. Even when we are out of town on vacation, the TV stays on. The only person addicted to TV in our house is our dog, and he is 42 in human years so I figure he's old enough to watch whatever he wants to whenever he wants to so we leave it on for him. And he does watch it!

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1/3/12 6:41 P

Each parent is given the awesome responsibility of providing a strong foundation so that their children can aspire to reach their goals and fulfill their destiny. So only a parent can decide what is best for his or her child.

Children are very impressionable, so we as adults must always strive to make the best choices based on the legacy that we want to past to the next generation.

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1/1/12 11:53 A

I limit the amount of tv my 3 and 1 year old watch. The TV is not on for background noise at all. My daughter can watch 30 minutes - 1 hour a day of tv, but I'd say 2-3 days a week she doesn't watch any. And some crazy days she watches way more than she should. My husband and I keep up on a couple of shows, but only watch after they go to bed at night. The AAP has come out with lots of research on the bad side effects television has for young children and toddlers, and I found it compelling enough to change my view on the topic when my daughter was born. I think learning is possible through educational shows, but there are a lot of negative side effects. And children are very impressionable - what they see is what they learn.

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12/30/11 7:25 P

"In our house the tv is basically a background source of noise. "

I found that the kids were noisy enough, without adding the chaos of TV!

TV was off for dinner, and for most of the day.

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12/30/11 1:42 P

I also grew up with the TV on all the time, my partner HATES it. When I go to her family's house I can't stand the quiet and when she comes to mine, she can't stand the background noise. I guess it's all a matter of preference. I nannied for a family who didnt want the TV on at all while their child was awake. That bugged me so bad! I think you just have to monitor what they are doing and how much of a distraction it is to you. I know for me, I will get sucked into it and become a couch potato if its on too much, so I try to make a conscientious decision to turn music on while Im doing chores and it doesnt get me so distracted.

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12/30/11 11:35 A

I know that limiting tv is a popular hot button for parenting, but I really do not get it. In our house the tv is basically a background source of noise. It doesn't hold any power over our day. We walk away from it to eat dinner, play games, go outside, do homework, go to bed. We all know it is always there and it isn't important to us. On the other hand, my friends who have limited tv have children who are paralyzed in our home by the tv. They can not walk away or even play if there is one available. It holds so much power over them, I do not see how they are better off. What do you think?

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