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5/3/05 9:50 A

Good luck with your Mom Jaycie and over the next month!

Don't worry about your mother-in-law. Giving compliments can be hard for some people to do.


~JAYCIE~ Posts: 415
5/3/05 7:59 A

Wow, everyone! Thanks again for support. This one of the things I love about this place is that people recognize your success.

Yesterday, my mother-in-law came over after being gone for three weeks. I was sure that she would say something about my new look, but she never did. My husband said that she was not really one for noticing things right away. This weekend will be a true was my own mother that said I looked "pregnant again" in my son's birthday pictures over a month ago, and I see her on Saturday. I'm looking forward to her comments. She actually did weight watchers a year ago, and is still losing weight. She's lost 35 pounds in a year and was borrowing my summer clothes to go on trips to Florida. Now THAT is motivation--when your mother is stealing your clothes!

The best part of this dieting is that it really is not that hard to lose the weight once you do two things: 1) figure out your own system of tracking/reporting and recognizing the success in the results and 2) find your weakspots and work them out.

I hope to be back in here in another month with another goal met. Good luck everyone on your goals. I hope to read your success posts in the near future!

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5/2/05 3:54 P

Congratulations! 140 is great! 135 should be a snap for you now. I am working my way to 135 too. I hope to read of your success on the boards again.
Your post is really great, thanks for sharing your lessons and your success.

DMD215 Posts: 965
5/2/05 10:20 A

Great Job!
See, it's people like you who make this all worth it. You made changes in your life; some big but most just small things here and there. Now you have control over your life from food to the scale. I think it was great you were able to reach your goal in one month. It really shows that you laid out your plan and stuck too it. And aren't results the best motivation--so is your husband noticing your new look.
Keep up the great job.
Keep in touch with your progress. :)
Woo Hoo for you!

CRAZYMAMA Posts: 1,433
5/2/05 9:33 A


What a great success story! You've been using the SP resources to your advantage, and it has really paid off, hasn't it?

My goal is the same as yours....135 lbs. this summer. It is a bummer that the hips/thighs areas are the last ones to surrender the stores of fat! I can relate.

Good luck for continued success!

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5/1/05 9:02 A

Sure - hope you are having a good weekend!

I'm getting ready to go outside and get some morning fitness minutes in the sun, hooray!


~JAYCIE~ Posts: 415
5/1/05 8:32 A

Thanks for the kudos!

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4/29/05 5:21 P

Jaycie -

You should light two sparklers! Woo Hoo for you! Good job! the next 5 pounds will be a breeze. Thanks for sharing what you have learned.


4/29/05 2:24 P

Hi Jaycie,

Cheers to you! Thanks for sharing your success!


KKBUG2014 Posts: 4,725
4/29/05 11:11 A


Good advice and great accomplishment!

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4/29/05 10:18 A

Woohoo Jaycie!

Great summary of your smart uses of the site.

Congrats on reaching your goal. I love that you are using the momentum from reaching your first goal to set other goals. That's exactly what we try for, so that people use health and fitness as a springboard to reach goals in all areas of life!

SparkGuy emoticon

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,900
4/29/05 10:09 A


WOO HOO for you!! It's amazing how much we can learn in just one month, isn't it! Congratulations for your success so far! You are doing awesome!!

Coach Jen

~JAYCIE~ Posts: 415
4/29/05 10:04 A

Today marks my first month on SparkPeople. I thought I would take this opportunity to share my success and what I have learned so far.

I found Sparkpeople link on my company's employee health Web site. I was intrigued with the ability to track my nutrients. I checked out my BMI, calculated my BMR and set my goals conservatively to lose 10lbs by June 1. I played around with the meal plans provided, but I decided that if I was going to do do weight management, it had to be with the foods I normally eat and prepare.

Two important things I learned...
1) Tracking my nutrients allowed me to analyze which macronutrients (fat, Pro, carb) needed some adjustment. I found that I ate a lot of carbs, but very little fat. This was probably why I was snacking between 2-5 pm everyday--I needed to be satisfied.
2) I have a better understanding of what is a "serving size". I thought that I would be hungry all the time if I did not eat the sizes I used to. Once I figured right sizes, I would eat my meal, then wait. I WAS satiated and could get through to my snack or next meal.

Tricks that have helped...
- Using the technology at my figertips. I work from home, so I have a laptop and my husband set up a WLAN so I can work from anywhere. I keep the computer in the kitchen most of the day and log into SP to track meals/snacks immediately.
- Planning my meals REALLY helped. If I knew what we were having for dinner, I would put it in early, then plan my meals around those values to adjust my daily nutrients
- Using a food scale. I had already been using measuring spoons/cups, but somtimes I needed to know the grams/oz I was eating so I purchased a scale at Walmart. Myhusband laughed at me the first time I used it,but he's seen the results and now asks me to help him with his portion sizes
- Asking questions on the message boards. What a great resource the Coaches and people here are--thanks everyone!
- Using the Food Groupings tab to calculate recipe nutrients. I make a lot of things from scratch, so this feature, although tricky to use for recipes, was helpful.
- Drinking 8 cups of water each day. The coaches said it would help, and it did! I try to get the bulk of that water in with a high protein snack during my "weakness" time (2-5pm) to help get me through to dinner.
- Rewarding myself with favorite foods. I budget in a reward every once and a while, like a serving of GS Thin Mints, or a smallpiece of cheese cake. I now savour these desserts to make them last instead of inhale them
- Step away from the bag!! If I take a serving of something, I make a point of putting the container away so it's not easy to access for "just another nibble." Those nibbles add up!

By mid-April, I had already seen an improvement in several areas...
- I was able to add a couple pairs of jeans back into my wardrobe
- I felt better which seemed to have a positve effect on my attitude. I started getting up without dragging my feet when my son was up at 6:30AM and begin the day and I stayed committed to my walking goals and attending yoga classes.

Today, my one month anniversary, I stepped on the scale. Guess what? The needle was honed right on 140lbs! I reached my goal in one month.

Although I am psyched about the weight loss, I have been measuring my waist and hips. My waist is 2 inches smaller than before, but my hips have only lost about half an inch. I want to set some goals to work my thighs and butt into a comfotable size 8.

I decided that I wanted to get to the middle of the normal weight range for my height. I changed my weight loss goal to be 135 lbs by July 1.

I have joined a team on the SparkPeople buddy matching. I want to stay in touch with them to keep them motivated to their goals and help me remember that this is not just a one time diet. This is a lifestyle change and the focus on controlling portion size, increasing activity level and being selective to the foods I put in my body will continue for life if I want to stay healthy.

And my husband...well, he loved me at 150, but he really enjoys my new look ;)

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