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BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
10/22/12 2:20 P

I love students like you in my high school classes! As a teacher, though,I often worry about those kids who are hiding a lot of fear, anger, uncertainty, pain under the smart retorts.... it's great armor.

I use humor a lot as I teach... but it's always self-directed; sarcasm can be deadly from a teacher.

Laughter keeps us alive when it's genuine!

10/21/12 7:25 P

I am a Libra actually LOL. Humor has gotten me out of some pretty nasty situations. I was the one girl "bomb squad" in highschool.Always defusing fights. I was always in the middle trying to keep the peace by making people laugh. When we laugh we see the positive (even if it is in a dark way). It truly is the best medicine!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,567
10/21/12 7:14 P

Louie Anderson the comic said he always made fun of himself before other kids could do it. He said that comics often have depression and find relief by making others laugh. Jimmy Durante said he was a comic because he didn't want kids to bully him about his huge nose, so he made fun of it before they could. So, what you are talking about is right on. I wonder if you are a Scorpio, since Scorpio is known for being sarcastic. Just look at ROSEANNE, who is a Scorpio.

10/21/12 7:02 P

So I'm one of those people that has to joke about everything. Yes, I try to be humorous and I am EXTREMELY sarcastic, but if it gets a smile or a laugh from someone I have done my job! I was always the girl that got sent out of the room for making people laugh (I always wondered how I made it through highschool with good grades, I spent more time out of the homeroom than in LOL). I was always the sarcastic outcast in the back mocking the snobs that bullied me, hanging with the jocks that treated me like one of the guys, and trying to "blend" in with everyone else.Once I discovered that it was easy to make people laugh life got a lot easier.

Sometimes you have to be self depricating! It's ok to be positive but even that is hard if you take yourself seriously all of the time and can't see that our flaws are not always such a bad thing. Know waaaaaaaaay too many people that take themselves too seriously. Have you ever noticed that they are also the people that are perpetually taking YOUR life to seriously?

These are the people that go "OMG you can't keep cutting yourself down" when you make a joke about your butt casting two shadows LOL. Seriously. My self esteem is not going to magically vanish because I can make a joke about my booty. So to these people I say: try it. Make a joke about a body part that you hate, make fun of that "flaw"! It's about security guys and gals. Sometimes the people that are too serious are actually insecure. They are afraid to make fun of themselves because they want to seem strong. Let go! Laugh and love yourself!

Just remember that if you truly are comfortable with yourself, you can laugh at yourself once in a while! It's not always easy to be positive 100% of the time (although I know a few people that are like Mary Sunshine all of the time and it makes me wonder if they pass rainbows and glitter instead of gas LOL).



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