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7/9/12 10:02 A

Thank you. I beleive the only way I will get pregnant with number 2 is to tell the doctor i'm not ovulating. I cold be wrong, my mom said to get pregnant with me (her 2nd kid) she had to get on hormone pills to get pregnant. Angie is my first but I will wait. We want a winter time baby so Im just waiting until this fall at least. I do have a lot of stress. Most of it has been relieved. I did just move up to manager at my mcdonalds, but i've been donig the same job for 3 months (training). I know what Im doing and sometime I hate dealing with people, but that's any job anywhreer. I enjoy being on my feet and moving around at work. it's not the job itself thats stressful but maybe you're right raising 1 kid and a hubby lol.

So i just got a raise that will definately help us get out of debt. When tax return comes around, half our debt balance by then will be gone, by that I mean credit card debt. We do haveacar loan but it's not that bad to pay monthly. when the credit cards are all cleared off, I will be paying extra on the car loan of course.

i've been trying t o make extra moeny on the side, like selling stuff on ebay. They've changed their fees and now ti's like a fortune jsut to sell soemthing. And you have to wait 2 weeks after item has sold to get your money available to you. I understand the concept, but still it's pretty annoying.

I had to put new batteries in the scale. I thougth i was losing weight, and started to feel healthier too, and with new batteries, nope apparently i've gained...again. not sure whoat to do to lose weiht.

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7/3/12 2:04 P

Happy 4th of July. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I hope you are able to stay on your food program and get to your goal. Working and having a husband and child to take care of is a lot to deal with. You don't say how old you are but unless you are past 38, I'd say to hold off for awhile on having another baby, as it sounds like you have a lot to deal with. A second baby really adds more stress than the first one does, since you have the older child making demands. emoticon

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7/1/12 11:13 A

Hang in there! Be careful of the "loosing it for the work" mentality...I did that a few years ago when I started working for the Army, totally fit people everywhere! I was successful, lost 40 pounds, but then the job got stressful and I got 50 pounds back emoticon emoticon
This time I'm doin it for ME and my soon to be born first grandbaby emoticon

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6/25/12 9:52 A

So I hope I get some more motivation. I am on Day 2 now, I've already doubled my time in past "diets". Usually I only make it 1 or 2 days and then end up gaining weight. I weigh 217. The other day I was 225, which scared me so I'm really pushing to start now. I watched closely what I ate yesterday. Today I've had 4 oreo's but other than that, I haven't really failed yet. I'm excited because Thursday I have an interview at my work. I work at McDonalds (another challenge in itself ot eat healthy). But I'm a crew leader, and after this interview I will be a manager. I already run shifts a few days a week. Not always, but soon it will be always. Well I dont know if it's all McDonalds or just for the ones my owner has, but we have to have an interview by our boss' boss' boss. LOL. But I shouldn't fret. I'm pretty sure it'll come out good. He just interviews the next managers to make surethey're here for the company and to help the restaurant succeed. Well duh! But I guess there's some who are just wanting the manager status to feel more important. So I am nervous but my boss said I'd do fine. I think I will too but I hate confrontations, even good ones haha.

So this has really sparked me to lose weight andbe healthier to show a healthier image for the company as well. We are trying to conceive baby #2 as well, so it's all motivation but also it's hard to keep at it. I want to be a healthy level, mostly get rid of the c-sec. belly I have now, and flatten things out and boost the upper area ;) lol.

HOpe this wasn't too much info, but really need some motivation to help me through the steps to keep going.

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