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9/21/12 4:09 P

Wow Patrick that souns AWESOME! What are you doing exactly! I am lucky to lose 2lbs. a week. I am not exercising as much due to limitations and I am decreasing what I eat and by the looks of your picture, you look to be alot younger and more pep and metablolism. I am joining alot of other smaller challenges and trying to eat less. If I get throughthe holidays without totally pigging out Id be thrilled!! I am not able to lift but I do resistance in the water. Keep up the good work! I am pulling for you!!!

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9/13/12 8:02 P

I just started my 90 day challenge about a month ago, and I'm already down 15lbs!!! Super easy, fun, and it tastes great! Who are going to be the five to be in shape and fit with me by Christmas?!?

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