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6/18/12 7:16 P

Congratulations to the Kings.

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6/18/12 5:10 P

The Capitals also fired their coach mid-season and brought in Dale Hunter, who lead them to a decent showing in the playoffs.

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6/14/12 9:33 A


As a Sabres fan, I listened to sports radio on my drives to and from work all winter, with arguments going about whether thre Sabres should have fired their coach, Lindy Ruff. Like LA, Buffalo was considered a contender to win the Cup pre-season. Like LA, Buffalo flopped badly early in the year, and made a late run for the playoffs.

Unlike LA, Buffalo missed the playoffs by a couple of points. And the comparisons and debates to Pittsburgh from a few years ago, and to LA (and St. Louis, which also fired its coach and brought in Ken Hitchcock to make a major regular season run), are relentless. is it better to fire the coach to shake things up, or stay the course?

6/13/12 7:26 P

Dan Blysma (head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins) replace Mikal Terrian in Feb of '09 and then went on to lead the Penguins to win the Stanley Cupthat year so that too was a great story about a great team.

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6/13/12 9:42 A

I disagree with one aspect of this- the Kings were actually a preseason favorite to contend to win the Cup. Their regular season was a brutal disappointment for the most part. They fired their head coach, made some key player transactions, and got hot to surge into the playoffs after being out of the top 8 for quite a while this season.

They salvaged their disappointing season by making the playoffs. They took advantage of it by making an incredible run, but they were no Cinderella story! That was a darn good team that lived up to its vast expectations and potential!

Congrats to the Kings.

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6/12/12 1:27 P

Well deserved. That is how to win the Stanley Cup! Now if only the Canucks could learn from LA...

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6/12/12 8:12 A

Go Kings

6/12/12 7:36 A

Hockeywood 2012! LOL!

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6/12/12 7:27 A

WOW! Most may not realize what a big deal this is. The #8 seed from the western conference going all the way? What a truly magical season for the LA KINGS!

Lord Stanley's cup living in the city of angels for a year.

I never thought I would see this.

Enjoy it boys!

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6/12/12 3:16 A

With such a great season from the Lakers, emoticon LA needs this. Congratulations to the Kings! Well done!

6/11/12 11:06 P

8th seed Kings wins the cup!


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