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5/25/12 9:19 A

Thanks everyone for the help. I finally lost two pounds and I'm so excited because for awhile it seemed as if all my hard work was for nothing. Now I just need to stay focused and keep it up. Something that really helped me this week was logging my calories.

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5/23/12 4:01 P

It sounds like you're gaining muscle! After 11 days of consistently working out, you probably gained a pound of muscle. Don't worry about what the scale says, just think about how your clothes fit and your energy level. That's so much more important than a number :)

I personally don't like clenses or fasts because I don't think they are long lasting. Sure, you drop a few pounds, but you have to feel miserable while doing it, and it comes right back. The best thing to do it to keep doing what you're doing-- eat lots of fruits and veggies and exercise. Again (and I need to tell this to myself, too!), that number on the scale doesn't mean nearly as much as the muscle tone and confidence that you gain.

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5/22/12 8:40 P

30 lbs by November can be done if you lose 2lbs per week, and if you focus on that you can lose it in a healthy way and keep it off. fasts and cleanses are great to clean out your system but not to lose real weight. But I understand what you mean about a kick start. Make a major change- a cleanse, or a different kind of work out, a different schedule, or cutting or adding calories should set your body up to lose.

Good luck! and let us know what works! My wedding is less than a year away now!

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5/22/12 12:54 P

Are you looking to just drop weight for the wedding or to actually lose it? You'd lose weight on a cleanse, but just water weight and it's not really the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. 30 lbs by November is a pretty agressive goal and one thing to remember is that if you're getting alterations on your dress that your last dress fitting is really the goal date for weight loss.

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5/22/12 9:52 A

Hi Everyone. I'm getting married on Nov 3 and I'd really like to lose 30 pounds. I started dieting and upping my workouts around 11 days ago and I've since gain a pound. Does anyone have any tips on kickstarting their weight loss? Some people have mentioned a juice fast or the master cleanse but I'm not sure if I could stand to starve myself. Any tips?

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