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7/27/13 1:05 A

Your hubby sounds a little passive aggressive. Here is a bunch of junk food, by the way you are kind of fat.

So is he the same Prince Charming you married all those years ago, or has he changed a little too?

20 pounds is not that much too loose. But loose it for you, not for him.

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7/26/13 3:10 P

Any weight gain is hard. But You only put 20 lbs on. That's not to bad. You can lose that if you use sparks. :) I have lost and then gained since 2006. But sparks helps me keep myself in check. Good luck!

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7/17/13 8:09 A

Over a year ago I heard about SparksPeople site and it has been on the back of my mind to join. So I have made a decision to leverage the tools on this site to go forward on this journey to lose weight and stay healthy. There are so many days that I find myself feeling like not trying on losing weight. I think my biggest frustration is the lack of support from my husband. It is actually the opposite of what anyone would wish for. On a regular basis I am put down for my weight and that I don’t look nice and why don’t I take care of myself. Yet last Sunday he goes to Menards with the 15% off bag you could fill and buys a dozen 1# bags of M&M’s. The next day he comes home from Fleet Farm with a dozen Nut Goody bars. I am happy to report I have not eaten any of it. I have gained 20 pounds since we got married 8 years ago. In the past 8 years I have moved my mom to an Alzheimer’s facility. Helped our father stay in the family home as long as he could after a bleed on the brain in 2007 and a stroke in 2008. Last year was spent going through 45 years of family stuff and hosting an auction in the fall of 2012. Needless to say with everything going on with my parents, working full time and having a 5 yr old daughter and a husband that nags me on my weight I did not give much of any focus to weight loss. In the opposite I went to food for comfort. When I look back I think what I put in my mouth some days was the only control that I felt I had. I am an older mom and I love my daughter dearly. I need to lose weight and be a healthy mom in her life. I have resolved I cannot change my husband but what I can do is try this web site to plant myself in an environment of people that will support me on this journey. On a positive note I got myself off of blood pressure medication by taking the steps at work throughout the day this past year! Here we go, this is my story. Now I need to figure out how this Website works and go for it.

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