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8/31/12 1:01 P

emoticon I love that you have released so much since January. Most people give up and quit. Do watch Richard Johnson M.D. talk on obesity. He wrote "THE SUGAR FIX" and his new book is "The Fat Switch" which Dr. Mercola supports. It is amazing all the sugar that is in the processed foods we eat and how we are addicted to it. The fructose is what makes us put on the fat. After I read his book I realized why after my hysterectomy I gained 40# over the winter. FINALLY i have found some real answers to my Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance.

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8/30/12 5:58 P

Thursday Log:

1 hour Zumba

Good workout and quite fun! emoticon

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8/30/12 5:55 P

Hey thanks for your kind words! :) Well I started at the end of January so it's taken me roughly 7 months to lose 21 months. It's been slow and steady... I can't comment on how others lose insane amounts of weight in just a few months. I believe this is not just a diet I am on, but definitely a lifestyle change that I will continue to live. It's true that nothing worth having comes easy! Believe me I've hit plateaus and have wanted to quit, but I've set small and big goals that I want to hit to keep up the motivation!

It's been a combination of lifting weights, cardio, and eating sensibly. Diet is 80%! Compound lifts like bench press, squats, dead lifts, overhead press, etc. on alternating days. Unfortunately, injuries can and do occur, and as careful as I've been my hip has been bothering me so I've had to work around the injury. It's nothing major but it will take some time to heal and I've substituted some isolation movements in there as well! There's always a way around the wall - never give up! Questions, comments are welcome!


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8/30/12 4:02 P

Awesome job girl, already down that much from 181! How did you do it? And just in the past few months.

Sounds like you have a great plan for keeping on track these next few months.

PS love the title of your journal =)

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8/30/12 7:38 A

Hey all :) New here and I will be logging my workouts and progress here. Any questions, comments, advice are welcome!


27 years old
bf% unknown

Current weight: 159 down from 181 (January '12)
Goal: Lose 15 lbs by the end of October

I think my goal is reasonable, that is a little under 2 lbs a week. I have been playing around with my macros/diet to see what works for me. I have found that I am carb sensitive so I keep most of my carbs post workout. I've also learned that eating fat is not bad! It's simply calories in vs. calories out and going hard when working out! I have been following Leangains IF diet for about 2 months now. My workouts consist of 3 lifting days with cardio and 1 day of core work mixed in.

Hope you'll join me for the ride emoticon

~ Kixxy

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