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9/24/12 6:05 P

I am motivated today! LOL, probably because this is Day 1 of my being "motivated" again. Each time I attempt to lose weight, I really do lose, maybe not a lot....and then I fall off the wagon. I have high hopes and expectations this time though. I am 43 (how the heck did THAT happen so fast?!) and abut 40 lbs heavier than I want to be (and is healthy for me). Really, I have a lot of changes that I would like to make in my life and this is one of the big ones. I feel like....if I am thinner again, I'll have more confidence to change some of the other areas in my life that need changing. I will have more energy. I will feel pretty again. Who knows? Maybe I'll start dating again. : ) A different, less stressful job.

I had plenty of time to think about all of this last week when I was at home sick for 5 days. My weight isn't healthy and my job is stressful - those two are a lethal combination. But I get what you're is easy to BE motivated in the beginning, and sometimes I do let little things throw me off, and back to square one. At this stage of the game (40's) it really has just occured to me that health issues could creep up.....and this is not how my story is going to end. For now, I'm keeping my eye on the prize - a better, healthier lifestyle in more areas than one. I want to have fun. Dance on the beach. Take a few trips.

I might need someone to lean on when the junk food is calling my name..... emoticon

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9/24/12 9:33 A

I know when I start to slack or struggle with eating right I just remember my end goal. I want to look and feel better for a cruise me and my family is going on. Set a goal that you are excited about and can look forward to. It doesn't have to be a vacation maybe an outfit you would like to wear or a bathing suit. That has been my motivation many times. Hope this helps emoticon

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9/23/12 8:51 P

I joined spark people a while ago, then stopped it, then joined it again. My whole life, any time I would get excited about losing weight and getting healthy, that excitement and motivation would slowly turn into a non motivated nagging feeling that again I couldn't follow through. I'm tired of quitting, and basically giving up on getting healthy. To type it and see the words it makes me think, who would do that? Who would give up on wanting to get healthy? I want to wake up every morning and be excited to eat better, be excited to work out, take a walk or do yoga. I work two jobs and I go to school full time online, not to mention cooking (which my husband does some nights) and cleaning (which my husband also helps with a lot), and I know that even with all that on my plate, there is ample time for me to work on myself. I have to find a way to stay in that motivation mind frame permanently. So what advice can anyone give me on how to stay motivated during this weight loss journey? Any response is greatly appreciated =)

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