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3/14/12 10:29 P

Wow - you really took the time to analyze what you did wrong - good for you! I love hiring a personal trainer. I tried it last year for the first time and it made a huge difference for me. I am going to buy 20 sessions next week and get back to it! I told my husband we may have to budget for a trainer every spring in order for me to maintain my weight loss, muscle mass, and new found ability to climb mountains. He was all for it. Good for you! Enjoy your sessions!

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3/13/12 3:39 P

Hey. Finally, spring is right around the corner! Daffodils are in bloom right now and the weather is getting sunnier. I love spring and all that it embodies: New life! My favorite time of year! I am not religious, but Easter is my favorite holiday. Bunnies, colored eggs, easter baskets, spring flowers! I always feel better in Spring! YEY!

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Today is day 2 of Atkins Induction for me. So far, so good. I have been peeing a lot! LOL.

I decided to get back to the low carb lifestyle (Atkins) since I had some success with it several years ago. I lost about 40 lbs. and felt great, but after a while I gave up and rapidly gained it all back, plus some more.

I am definitely going to learn from my mistakes. I have carefully re-read the Atkins book and realized I made quit a few.

1st mistake was that I stayed on Induction the entire time, about 6 months, which means I lost quickly, but of course I couldn't stick with it. I never learned how many carbs I can tolerate. I just went back to eating everything I had been denying myself with a vengeance. Cookies, McDonald's, bread, cereal, pasta, mashed potatoes...

2nd mistake was that I ate a lot of processed junk like Atkins bars and shakes, and lots of maltitol-sweetened candy, artificial sweeteners and diet sodas. That stuff is junk.

3rd mistake was that I didn't eat as many salads and vegetables as I should have. the recommended amount is 4 cups a day. I ate maybe one serving a day. Bad.

4th mistake was that I didn't limit my portions, I was eating large quantities of cheese, nuts, bacon and other processed meats. Lots of calories! Cheese is limited to 4 oz a day.

5th mistake, a HUGE one, was that I stopped exercising as soon as I stopped eating low carb. I also changed to a sedentary job around the same time.

SO... I am armed this time with more knowledge and wisdom. I have developed better habits in general and health is now my priority, not just weight loss.

I am also beginning the 5% cats spring challenge next week, which also has me excited. And an added motivator, I have hired a personal trainer at my gym for 8 sessions.

I can do it! I really feel it!

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