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7/4/12 12:56 P

I agree I wish I had caught it and pinched it in the butt when I was 10-20 pounds overweight.
Good for you.

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7/4/12 12:08 P

Hello I am only looking to lose 20 lbs. and although currently most people would look at me and say wow where should you lose 20 lbs or girl your crazy. It is hard to speak with other woman about my goals because most women it seems when the discussion comes up are like SHUT-UP your skinny. I am not happy with myself and actually 10 lbs gone will be enough to put a smile back on my face but My brain works on setting higher goals to actually achieve somewhere in between. It is really a matter of where is your happy spot. And as long as your healthy and fit and happy with your body thats where you should set your goals. So YES I only need to lose a little bit but If I dont start the WAR the Battle will be bigger. They say the last 10 pounds are the hardest right so why not start at 10 pounds to heavy.

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